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new home required



Hi Folks

I know it is not spring yet, but I need to clear out my kit and find good homes for the following.Manuals from SEME, REME, Royal School of Military Engiieers, Chatterden Ect.

Plant Roads and Airfields School, MG11, Scrapper 4/6, D6C, Chalmers Alis-Chalmers, B100

The Army School of Mechanical Transport, ASMT, Advanced Training Wing, The Problem with Death.  General Mechanical Principles Sep 1990

SEME, Engine Technology,  Vehicle machanic upgrade 11-1, Transmission,

Manual of Field Engineering,  Volume 11 all arms, Detection and Clearance of Mines, 2x Part2  Field Defences (1970) amendment No1, Part4 Demolishion 1967, Pamphlet No5 Minelaying 1971

Oils 3x seal 25lts drums OMD330, 10 x 1lt cans OMD45 and some part 25lt drums AL14

I am out of the UK in 10 days till next year, can monitor the forum, no get rush as my barns are still semi full.

Wish you all a happy Christmas, it is just around the corner.

Regards Mick





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On 11/18/2018 at 9:03 AM, john1950 said:

Any idea of price plant and airfields, also engine tech.

open to offers on first come basis. 01892 853873

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