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  1. I’ve been looking for one myself Steve, Brian’s run out of a batch he made, and Ace Classics don’t have any either !. 🙁
  2. Can someone point me in the right direction for a wiring loom, this ones had it’s day. What clips did they use to hold the wire to the frame, probably not black sticky tape and cable ties that it has now. TIA
  3. I’ve just had an email from TOMCC !, when I work out how to post it on here, you might not like it though 😳
  4. Thanks for the info, it’ll look better than the rectangle box that’s there now.
  5. I’ve had nothing back from TOMCC either.
  6. Ron, you’ve got two bikes a few years apart with the same number 🤔. I thought the TE would’ve been a year date code !?.
  7. I think the date is L 37 ? Is that December 37 ? It was after 6 MCR1
  8. Little parcel came in the post today 😃 The correct style Lucas MCR1 regulator
  9. You must have a bigger zoom than me Ron 😀
  10. What’s the box under the seat, looks too big for a MCR1 regulator ?. The tyres look almost the same tread pattern as the Ensign.
  11. That’s all very interesting Ron, thank you, I do a lot of rummaging in boxes at steam fairs so I’m hoping one will turn up. 🙂
  12. So the later wartime CZ27s had no cut out and flat glass or did the CZ number change ?.
  13. Being nosey, how did you find out about it in France Steve ?.
  14. I was looking at pictures without my reading glasses on Ron 🧐 🙃
  15. Can anyone help me with dating the gearbox, the number is TE 77214 TIA
  16. You just need the bolt on bracket like me !.
  17. One CZ27 just sold on eBay for £155 😳 and no I wasn’t the winner 😃
  18. Sorry, did the motorcycle manufacturers during the war also use Jaeger ammeters instead of Lucas must be the flat glass of the headlights that make them look bigger 😳 Graham
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