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  1. I've tried! Did track down a car chassis in the west, was stolen by subversives in 1920/21 burnt out and dumped in a lake, but its a tender I'm after... 😁
  2. Price not an issue! Just to find one
  3. I am probably seeking the impossible, however I've always admired crossley tenders, I am now starting my search for one in any condition, money ready. Any information greatly appreciated. Thanks Donal Flynn
  4. Hi if anyone knows of a tender for sale in any condition, I would dearly love to obtain one, any price. Any information would greatly appreciated. Regards Donal.
  5. Hi mike nice to see another one nearby! Ive a 1922 ec . If I can be of any help let me know. Mines roughly in same condition as yours. Donal:-)
  6. Yes Dave lockard sent me a chart and handbook. It seems to point that way. I found some numbers on some of the castings 14 04 22 which I assume are date stamps. I also believe it's a civvy model as the remaining paint in chassis and other parts is bright yellow! . Good news re rear wheels which were locked solid all I had to do was slacken off the brake adjusted and clean between the shoes and drum using my wife's icing spatula and cheese knife to clear the congeled grease which was also bonding it . Wife wants new utensils !!. Tracked down correct radiator near Manchester so a trip over is coming up...end Oct.
  7. Well the Packard arrived here at last.. phew . It was a bit of an ordeal unloading.. using a jcb and straps around the bucket.. glad the health and safety dept wasn't about they would have had a fit !!. This is the first time I've seen it in the flesh and I'm happy with it.. one surprise is the front wheel rims were with it plus a few other bits that I wasn't aware of which is a big plus. My suspicion that the gear box was missing was confirmed .. if any one has one hiding in a shed let me know !?? . The exhaust system is complete and in good condition. All in all its a good starting point. The chassis plate is missing but I was told the number is the same as on front timing cover on engine this is ec 1496a . The neighbours were of course thrilled to see this apparatus being dropped opposite their house !!. Any way pics will be posted over next 24hrs. Cheers for now . Donal
  8. Hi all just to let you all know the Packard is now in Dublin having travelled by ferry overnight from Liverpool. It will be with me in a few hrs. A long wait but worth it. Ill know the chassis no etc when it arrives so will post pics later. Donal
  9. Hi guys just a picture I came across on ebay which I bought and it arrived today there's a few Packard and I think an fwd the pic was taken in France late 1917.. just thought you'd like to see it even though it's quite faded. Still waiting for my packard to arrive its still .nr Lincoln just waiting for a backload to match up but should be this week hopefully. Donal
  10. Previous is for you great war truck. Permit / licence to drive vehicle .. love the way bicycle comes into the list !!
  11. Yipee ! Managed to post a picture at last. The previous is the Packard after being extracted from shed and having arrived at Ian's yard in Lincoln. Love the plane!!
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