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  1. That helps a great deal many thanks. I can grab some paint and get going. Ian M
  2. Is there some one on here that can tell me which colour(s) a WWII Bedford would have been painted. I've heard every thing from Army Camouflage, to Dark Blue, Light Grey, Grey Green, and Blue Grey. The only solid comment I have is from Ian L in his restoration thread of a Bedford. I figure that as the people on this section have an eye for all things Navy, they might have some info that could put some colour on the page! Any one?
  3. Thanks for the kind offer but its rather a long way from Denmark. lol Just trying to find out What colour they actually had in RN service. So grey/green... Sounds like an algae covered grey.. A great project you have there by the way. Ian M
  4. Hi I know this was posted a long time ago, but can you recall what colour that RN bed was painted. It's quite hard to tell from the photo as to if it is green, Grey with a good dollop of algae or Faded blue + Algae. I am only a humble model builder, but want to do a QL in RN service, and as of yet your's is the ONLY photo I have been able to find of ANY in RN paint. I hope you or one of the others here can help. Ian M
  5. jep thats the one I meant. Just trying to get a bit more out of the old Tamiya Kit. So I thought who better to ask than those that know the real thing. Ian M
  6. Need a bit of help for a model I am building. I am trying to find pictures of the Crossed bars that hold the "sun roof" up on the Quads, I seen they are often depicted with the canvas off, but the bars always in place. Two questions: Could they be removed. How were they constructed, Was it a welded cross. Just two bars that crossed one over the other, and if so would they have been bent over each other?... Hope some one can help. Ian M
  7. Depending on the type of paint you are using there are a couple of ways of doing it. If you are brushing a 'household' paint, like you use for wood and metal in t'ouse, Get to the paint store and by some Gummy Arabicum. Its a clear 'paint' that you paint onto the base colour- When dry paint the final colour over it. Tip: If you paint the arabicum left to right, paint the top coat top to bottom, so the brush strokes cross, it works better that way. Also a thick layer of Arabicum will give large cracks and flakes, a thin layer loads of fine cracks and flakes. If you would rather spray, you can actually by rattle cans of crackle paint. Ian M
  8. Just thought I would be polite and say hello. I confess that I am not a restorer but a military modeller with a liking of British Armour and Artillery. I was looking for info and pictures of a Morris CDSW when I stumbled upon this very interesting site. Don't expect to hear to much from me, I will be lurking in the background I hope that is OK? I am an English Ex-pat living in Denmark if that is of any use to any body!! Ian M
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