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  1. Thanks MB , could you check that web link don't think it's correct
  2. Hi is there a jeep database anywhere where I can get a jeeps details, date of manufacture etc from its I'd number? thankyou fred
  3. Hello all I'm in the process of buying an imported (France) 43 MB and would like to check the identity number against the documentation. Where is it located?
  4. Gentlemen I need help locating bits again. Firstly classic style Radiater hose of various sizes by the half meter or meter Secondly I need two brass 5/16 fuel taps but don't want to pay £30 each for them! All help as always gratefully rreceived
  5. Hi all, does anyone know where I can buy one inch webbing by the meter or a role of it.
  6. Hi Jules, it's an older restoration (1980) although the body and cab were never removed so the chassis was covered in crud dried grease and god knows how many coats of brush applied paint. The cab is reasonably tidy although some welding required and again the brush applied paint to cut through. The rear body needs some work and new timber throughout. Also while cab and body off new fuel and brake lines and new wiring will be fitted. Also a nasty case of wheel shudder to resolve.
  7. Anyone used the two part epoxy systems?
  8. So the Morris c8 is stripped down to chassis, steam cleaned and shot blasted where nesasary . The chassis is extraordinarily rust free and all fastening came undone ! What have you used to paint your chassis with and do you recommend?
  9. Is it me or is the price guide in cmv completely distorted? Basing vehicle pricing on that months asking prices is madness. Surely it would make more sense to base it on the previous twelve months? I'm shure that the astonishing rise in vehicle values is in great part due to this, especially jeep prices. thoughts?
  10. Driving comfort fine, and now I've removed the wiper motor I can now see out of the windscreen ! Also in the event of a shunt it won't imprint on my forehead
  11. Thanks guys , I do like helpful people! I will be having a good look at war and peace to see what's on offer. Although everyone seems to add about 20% to the asking price of vehicles there.
  12. Thanks goran, I would prefer winch I think but would buy on overall condition rather than just winch. Are there any common issues I should be aware of?
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