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  1. Any help on location of the vehicles would be great. Maybe someone knows Martin Rigby who was the last owner of them?
  2. Hi everyone Does anyone have any information on the vehicle is the photo? It’s called the Shadow it was designed by South African company for Alvis and there was 2 of them released along with the Alvis Acorn that’s recently been sold. The 2 Alvis Shadows were sold and the story goes they went to the Channel Islands but that’s where the story goes cold. I’m hoping someone here might know more info and possibly help me find them and put me in contact with the owner. This isn’t the same Shadow that is Humvee based that is owned by someone at the Alvis Fighting Vehicle Society.
  3. Wheeler dealers didn’t have the pick of the yard That Humvee was owned by Steve the guy who showed them the yard on behalf of govplanet. That Humvee was planted there for them to pick. It was owned by the guy Steve. If they were to buy one they would have had to be US citizens and also had to wait 3/6 months for paperwork to clear. If anyone is interested in buying a HMMWV in the UK please check out my website Humveeking.com or PM me on here for into on latest stock of vehicles I have available as website isn’t always up to date. Cheers Tom
  4. Hi Wally Have you still got the Brochures? I would love to get a copy as I’m looking to buy the Alvis Acorn and restore it. Regards Tom
  5. That’s true I forgot to say that. Nick Mead at Tanksalot has one that’s a comms As well he got from Withams Along with a 2S3 SPG
  6. Your get it registered there idiots at the DVLA just have to word it right I get Humvees registered with them all the time never had an issue.
  7. Hey Andy No I don’t sorry but have you spoken to Mark who lives in Kent? Tom
  8. Hi Andy I own a few of them Regards Tom
  9. Bump any ideas at all guys would very much appreciate it
  10. I've Emailed him but had no reply which is weird as I've emailed him before and he's very speedy on his replies
  11. Hi Guys & Girls Not sure I've posted in the right area but what I'm looking for is help/info/contacts regarding buying retired/surplus/obsolete/phased out vehicles from Portugal. The vehicle I'm looking for is the Bravia Chaimite 4x4 APC and there being phased out and put in storage and replaced by the Pandur II 8x8. It would be cool to save one or more from the Scrapyard and get them in to private hands Does anyone on here have contacts with the Portuguese Military? Can anyone on here help me in regards of who I should contact? Ive contacted the Portuguese Embassy and they haven't got back to me. Any help would be much appreciated Regards Tom
  12. Hi I'm Tom, I'm 22 from Wimbledon Love Military Vehicles and Amphibious Vehicles and Also Guns and 4x4ing I have a Ex-MoD Landy looking at get more Wanting M561 Gama Goat M151 A1/A2 Mutt M923 And many more
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