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  1. It's this Sunday, folks. There's still some space if you find yourself in Wiltshire or Gloucestershire, and at a loose end...
  2. At long last the Armed Forces Day team have put our event on their website. Full details here: http://www.armedforcesday.org.uk/events/Details.aspx?Id=20000007 Some military vehicles promised but more are welcome!
  3. Thanks Roger, glad the Britannia brings back happy memories. I'm guessing from your avatar that you have a Series 2A military Landy, and it would be great to see it on show by the Brit. I'll be posting a similar request on the Series 2 Forum soon, but of course all military vehicles, of all nationalities, will be welcome. Cheers, Bryan
  4. We're opening the RAF Transport Command Bristol Britannia aircraft at Cotswold Airport, Kemble, near Cirencester, Gloucestershire specially for Armed Forces Day on Sunday June 30th from 12:00 to 16:00. The RAF Britannias served from 1960 to 1975; come on board the last genuine surviving example, see how it carried personnel, freight and casualties, and take a seat on the flight deck. We have been promised some military vehicles to display in front of the aircraft, but we'd welcome more! If you would like to bring your MV, please email Bryan Whitfield: press@xm496.com The photos show the Britannia with some of our military friends at an earlier Kemble show (please note the aircraft is now at a different part of the airfield). Access to the RAF Britannia is via Cotswold Airport North Gate, signposted from A433 Cirencester - Tetbury road. On entering Cotswold Airport, follow signs for C Site and LRTT. The access road is two vehicle width with mild inclines and a 90° turn through the gate; articulated trucks use it regularly but you might find it tight for a tank transporter! There are no refreshments or toilets at the aircraft, but the Airport's AV8 restaurant and bar is close by on site. For any further information please email me: press@xm496.com Thanks and hope to see you there!
  5. Thanks Ivor. I've seen that first shot before and to me the tilt looks grey. I'd imagined that grey was the original colour or it had started off blue/grey and faded. No disputing it's khaki in the second photo!
  6. Thanks everyone for all these really helpful responses
  7. That most definitely helps Ted, thank you. Now, next question - does anyone know a supplier for a tilt in this colour, or is it a case of 'paint it yourself'?
  8. I've seen photos of S2s on RAF airfields with tilts... trouble was, the photos were black and white
  9. That's great, thank you. No, we haven't contacted the RAF Museum yet but that's next on the to-do list.
  10. My friend has reached the stage in her ex-RAF 1966 Land Rover S2A 88" restoration where she needs to order the tilt. The original isn't there to check, but we think it should be dark blue. What do all you experts think? I'm afraid we don't yet know what role it served with the RAF, so no clues there currently. Thanks in advance for your help.
  11. Really enjoying your account for your restoration, keep up the great work. I have a soft spot for the old CA; it was our first band van, having removed the sink (it was a Dormobile) to get the drum kit in. The sliding doors caused endless amusement. Seem to remember it was also a matter of luck whether you engaged third or reverse. Looking forward to seeing yours at the shows.
  12. Hi Clive, as Tony B said, offering help can be dangerous. I innocently volunteered for my current project about nine years ago and now I'm stuck with it! Seriously though, since you're near Cirencester you're right on our doorstep. We have a large lump of engine driven equipment, namely the RAF Bristol Britannia aircraft at Kemble (aka Cotswold Airport), and there's plenty of hands-on opportunities for people of all skill levels. Ex service mechs will be considered far too valuable to make tea! We also have sundry bits of equipment, such as ground power units, in need of loving care. Drop me a PM if you're interested and I'll arrange to show you around (beer/tea bribes may be offered). Cheers, Bryan
  13. Hi Paul, there's some exceptional work being done at Duxford, pleased to discover you're part of it. My project is the RAF Transport Command Bristol Britannia at Cotswold Airport (probably known to most people here as RAF Kemble). You're very welcome to have a look if you're ever in our neck of the woods. Cheers, Bryan
  14. Hello Mick, and welcome. Whereabouts are you based? I can suggest a suitable diversion for a retired aircraft engineer, with a healthy dose of military thrown in! Cheers, Bryan
  15. Hello, really sorry to hear you and your Lightweight must be parted. Hope your other treasures give you some comfort. You and your son are still very welcome to come down and have a look round the Brit sometime. All the best.
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