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  1. By ignition lights I mean the oil / generator lights. The vehicle has a voltage gauge wired up in a panel along with a wind up clock generator is the smaller one bolted to front of passenger seat No2 Mk1/2 ( I think) will have to check tomorrow I’ve only had it a few weeks so not sure how long it’s played up, what I don’t understand is why it seems to alternate between the two problems
  2. I’m confused, As my starter motor is playing up at the moment ( replacement on order) I have been connecting and disconnecting the cables etc. as a result of this sometimes the ignition lights don’t light up but the gauges move and the engine starts with the crank or they light up and engine starts normally When the engine is running the voltage gauge is around 22-25, turning the lights on doesn’t make it fluctuate, however, the red light bulb lights up very very dimly, but if I turn on the panel lights then the volts dip really low and the red light illuminates bright. other times after disconnecting and reconnecting the starter all ignition lights work every time but starter either works or squeals ( not engaging ring), however, voltage gauge reads high, no glow on red light and panel lights do not affect voltage reading. any ideas? Is it a starter motor fault affecting everything else or do I need to start checking wiring loom?
  3. Agreed, red/white hackle was Northumberland Fusiliers, later Royal Fusiliers when serving in NI
  4. Very considerate of them, can’t make out the Regiment, Something (?) Fusiliers possibly
  5. That’s interesting, I will have another look at mine tomorrow thank you
  6. More the seagulls, may need more missiles too😆
  7. I’m still trying to complete my Rapier Launcher, need to find a ‘Screamer’ generator next. one question I have is about registration numbers. All military trailers have their own number, usually stamped on the chassis plate. I can’t find a chassis plate on mine with a number on it, were these trailers issued a number or did they carry the tow vehicles number?
  8. I need replacement tyres on my Fox, it currently has the original Dunlop Runflats which are starting to crack. I have been offered some new 12x20 bargrips. can these be fitted to the Fox instead of the 11x20’s or are they likely to cause damage to the vehicles running gear?
  9. It was a combination of the filter and the fuel tap. I have bypassed the filter with an inline one until I can source the parts to overhaul it and also the fuel tap for the same reason.
  10. The Humber is finally up and running. Does anyone have a listing of the appropriate original lubricants and the modern equivalents. I have the handbooks etc but they don’t specify which ones to use BA79878A-BA72-41C5-8F6B-4A09C1466A42.mp4
  11. Thanks for the replies, I will give it another go at the weekend 🙂
  12. I will take it out again at the weekend, strip it and double check it’s put together correctly. I have already checked the feed pipes are clear so if it’s still not pumping I don’t know what the problem is.
  13. My mechanical fuel pump packed up a couple of weeks ago. I took it off (not the easiest task) put in an overhaul kit and have refitted it. I cleaned the pipes and filter but there is still no fuel being fed through. I am considering bypassing it and fitting an electric fuel pump (leaving the disconnected one in situ Has anyone fitted an electric fuel pump to a Pig who can suggest which would be the best one to fit? Any advice appreciated Thanks Norman
  14. Oil procured, hatch now working, I still need to source replacement seals as it still seeps. However, I can now drive without difficulty 🙂 many thanks for advice given Norman
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