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  1. webley455

    Humber Pig fuel pump

    Thanks for the replies, I will give it another go at the weekend 🙂
  2. webley455

    Humber Pig fuel pump

    I will take it out again at the weekend, strip it and double check it’s put together correctly. I have already checked the feed pipes are clear so if it’s still not pumping I don’t know what the problem is.
  3. webley455

    Humber Pig fuel pump

    My mechanical fuel pump packed up a couple of weeks ago. I took it off (not the easiest task) put in an overhaul kit and have refitted it. I cleaned the pipes and filter but there is still no fuel being fed through. I am considering bypassing it and fitting an electric fuel pump (leaving the disconnected one in situ Has anyone fitted an electric fuel pump to a Pig who can suggest which would be the best one to fit? Any advice appreciated Thanks Norman
  4. webley455

    Humber front hatch fluid

    Oil procured, hatch now working, I still need to source replacement seals as it still seeps. However, I can now drive without difficulty 🙂 many thanks for advice given Norman
  5. webley455

    Humber front hatch fluid

    Excellent, thank you very much, I will hopefully get it sorted this weekend 🙂
  6. webley455

    Humber front hatch fluid

    I do have the complete assembly, as there is no bleed nipple I assume it bleeds itself through operation ( like power steering?) the air in the system is preventing the hatch from fully raising, I am having to peer through a smaller opening and apart from giving me neck ache the Pig is going through our Jersey DVS next month for its full inspection prior to its registration. Restricted visibility would probably mean a fail ☹️
  7. webley455

    Humber front hatch fluid

    Thanks for that info, much appreciated. is there a bleed nipple anywhere or is there anything else I need to know before I attempt the fix? thanks again Norman
  8. Afternoon all my Pig has had a fluid seeping from the Drivers hatch hydraulics, it has now stopped seeping but the hatch only opens halfway. i am going to remove the piston and clean / replace the seals but is there any particular hydraulic fluid I should use to refill? Ta Norman
  9. webley455

    New toys, research advice required

    I have managed to locate its sheet from the RLC database, but any further info would be appreciated, especially photos
  10. webley455

    New toys, research advice required

    Thanks for that but mine is 27BK21 not 27BK51 🙂
  11. webley455

    New toys, research advice required

    Thanks, they are now ticked off my original ‘wants list’.
  12. webley455

    New toys, research advice required

    I have just taken delivery of a Humber FV1611 Pig (27BK21) and a Harley-Davidson MT350 (Military reg not known) where can I find service records for the Pig? And is it possible to ID the reg number for the MT350 from the VIN?
  13. webley455

    FV721 Handbrake

    Does anyone know where I can get replacement brake shoes for the handbrake drum on a FV721 Fox. Are they the same as any other military (or civilian) vehicle.?
  14. webley455

    FB721 Fox

    My Fox has burnt out the brake switch 🙁 does anyone know where I can find a replacement? It’s going to visit an auto electrician in the next couple of weeks to repair the electrical short that caused the problem, but the switch is apparently beyond repair. Any assistance would be appreciated N
  15. webley455

    anybody on here have this?

    It’s staying in Jersey, I live here too. I was in that film! The Citroen Traction Avant was mine then. That was sold to France but I heard a rumour it was now in the UK. I have also purchased the Land Rover 101, the Rapier and the MoBAT off Richard over the past couple of years. Dont think you will get the Command Car off him. His wife likes that one too!