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  1. MartinN

    Engine crane hoist

    Has anyone got an engine hoist/crane they no longer need? Engine needs to come out of one of my vehicles. I live in Tenterden, Kent.
  2. MartinN

    Daimler dingo mirror

    Does anyone have a Daimler dingo mirror and bracket going spare. I have the bottom half of the bracket only. Or know where I can get a mirror etc.
  3. MartinN

    Wanted Bedford MW wheel

    I have a Bedford mw. Does anyone have a spare wheel lying about. I live in Tenterden Kent .
  4. MartinN

    Daimler dingo plugs

    The problem I am having is the spark plugs oil up. It was suggested a modern plug which burned hotter would at least in part solve the problem. Does not have to be a screened plug. When I take it on a long journey no problem. It's the short journeys which seem to cause the trouble.
  5. MartinN

    Daimler dingo plugs

    Thanks for the information. Do you know the modern unscreened plug that works best. I have been told I need a modern plug which is hotter.
  6. MartinN

    Daimler dingo plugs

    I have a Daimler dingo mk2. What is the correct modern spark plug for it?
  7. MartinN

    Wanted Daimler dingo recovery blocks

    Rear blocks needed. I was hoping someone had a couple, may come to having a set recast though.
  8. MartinN

    LED headlights

    The above refers to HID. LED is different isn't it?
  9. Are LED headlights legal? I was thinking of replacing the old style bulbs in my Bedford MW. Just to improve visibility .
  10. MartinN

    Wanted Daimler dingo recovery blocks

    That's the ones!!
  11. I have a Daimler dingo mk2 but is missing the recovery blocks. Has anyone got a set of these.
  12. I have a Daimler dingo mk2 but is missing the recovery blocks. Has anyone got a set of these.
  13. MartinN

    Bedford 28hp starting procedure

    I own an mw and I use the following procedure. Firstly strictly stick to the procedure set out by Richard Farrant. if this doesn't work. .......... Give it three verbal warnings, each warning should be more obusive than the last. Should this fail shout 'right that's it' and thrash the vehicle with a branch. As recommended by basil faulty. It may not work but it will cheer up people that are watching.
  14. MartinN

    Dingo fuel pump

    Anyone know the correct ac part number for the dingo pump. May have to start looking for a replacement.
  15. MartinN

    Dingo fuel pump

    I have a Daimler dingo mk2. The vehicles has an ac fuel pump which needs rebuilding. Does anyone know where I can get a rebuild kit for it. The pump is an early one which has the fibre type valves not the button type. Looked at champ spares but he has shut down until the new year. alternatively does anyone have a spare pump available?