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  1. Bedford 28hp starting procedure

    I own an mw and I use the following procedure. Firstly strictly stick to the procedure set out by Richard Farrant. if this doesn't work. .......... Give it three verbal warnings, each warning should be more obusive than the last. Should this fail shout 'right that's it' and thrash the vehicle with a branch. As recommended by basil faulty. It may not work but it will cheer up people that are watching.
  2. Dingo fuel pump

    Anyone know the correct ac part number for the dingo pump. May have to start looking for a replacement.
  3. Dingo fuel pump

    I have a Daimler dingo mk2. The vehicles has an ac fuel pump which needs rebuilding. Does anyone know where I can get a rebuild kit for it. The pump is an early one which has the fibre type valves not the button type. Looked at champ spares but he has shut down until the new year. alternatively does anyone have a spare pump available?
  4. Bedford mw tyres

    Sorry petlas
  5. Bedford mw tyres

    I have a Bedford mw. One of the tyres needs replacing. Where is the best place to get them. The tyre is 900 X 16 current make is paletes a Turkish made tyre. I live in Kent. Any ideas?
  6. I have a Daimler dingo which has an electric fuel pump. What pressure should it be set at.
  7. Dingo fuel pump

    I have a Daimler dingo mk2 which has an electric fuel pump fitted too it. The pump appears to be pushing too much fuel into the carbuettor. I have decided to change it back to the original fuel pump. Does anyone know the part number? Second question. The distributor is not original, having been replaced by a conventional distributor off a Bedford I think. I want to replace with an electronic system. Any ideas who does the best one for it.
  8. I am trying to contact Mike priest. I need some spares for a deactivated weapon and was given his name as someone who might be able to help. Does anyone have contact details?
  9. Jeep parts manual

    Need a jeep parts manual for my Wiley's jeep. The type with the exploded diagrams. Tried jeeparts they used to do their own but he doesn't do it any more. Where is the best place to get one.
  10. No 2 cooker

    I am after a no 2 cooker for my Daimler dingo, anyone got one they don't need.
  11. Paint rattle cans

    Does anyone do rattle cans of British WW2 green paint?
  12. Water pump

    I have a spare water pump for my Bedford mw needs a rebuild. Any suggestions re a company who does this. Any idea how much it will cost. Regards martin.
  13. Rustproofer

    Some years ago I remember a rust proofer which you just diluted it with water and put your various nuts and bolts in it overnight. Or just painted it on. Can anyone remember it's name I think it was green in colour.
  14. Are there a modern replacement bulb which fits into the old holders. I have a Bedford mw. I understand the newer type bulbs are so much brighter.
  15. Q4 commer

    Come on lads somebody must have one lying about at the back of the shed.