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  1. Thanks for that so mine isnt wronge then phew iv droped off all the patterns to the foundry iv decided to have the front axle cast in S G iron and the have it anealed as it is alot more easer to machine and is also not as bad on the pocket as steel (not being skingy just dont have it to start with) . i have nearly finished the fire wall that i started at six o clock well the first stage of it any way there is exstentions off the factory fit to exstend it will post pics when i get camara. DAN AND JEN
  2. heres a drawing of the front axle this night make sence of the stuff i just posted enjoy DAN AND JEN
  3. Heres a pic of the kingpin tube with the casting on top that i have just made the pattern for the tube bellow will be machined from solid bar and is about three inches die with a flang underneath of half inch so three and a half inch with a two and a quarter ind inside die then a bronze bush top and bottom to an inside die of one and three quarter inch die if any of this makes any sence. :nut: DAN AND JEN
  4. Hi Doug he said in the middle front of the front axle behind the rear spring hanger left side and if you have a body then also on a brass plate on the front of the firewall and on military halleys also painted on the side of the cab(both sides ) i cant comfirm my number with the front axle as i dont have one but its where he said it would be on a G type chassis not sure about other types but i will ask. Iv now finished the front axle pattern the top of the kingpin tube pattern and the leafspring clamp pattern and now started the silencer ends pattern i have no plan with what i do just make any part that comes to mind it all goes into the same end product and it saves me making it later so tomarrow will go to foundry sorry no pics the camara went flat so wont see the parts for a few weeks. Also the hand brake is fully working and now conected to the rest of the brake gear i was missing three fork ends so machined them out of two and a half inch round bar thay took two and a half hours each but did it and conected them up to the rest and also made the locking nuts for all the brake rods the threed is 5/8 BSP does anyone else have fine threads on brakegear and again no pic as camara flat when charged will take some pics. DAN AND JEN
  5. GOOD MORNING hi Doug i dont realy have anything on chassis numbers it only after speaking to this chap that i managed to find it he also said the same number should be on the front axle but since thats gone i cant confirm the two numbers and it is the only number on it that seems the most likly so im hoping some one will know a bit more than i do on the matter it took a wile to read i had to get a scriber to get the new ond old paint and dirt out well im hoping its the chassis number. DAN AND JEN
  6. Hi Tony thankyou for that i would like to visit you and see your amazing work on the trucks jen is a vet nerse so she does some weekends so its tying it up so jen can see as well if thats ok. i deff want the stearing box and an much apritiated thanks. DAN AND JEN
  7. Hi ian it was nice to see you yesterday i was woundering how you got on with the tyres the forklift is a brill invetion and cant imagine life without one your most welcome look forward to your next visit here is a pic of the patern now i finished it and now ready to go to foundrie
  8. Hi there broken arrow thanks for that beleve it or not i left school with no exam results as i left early and all the teachers thought i was impossible and thay were forever throwing me out the classroom for any excuse and when ever i brouht in a project ether made from meccano or metal thay took it away becouse thay thought i was a disruption i was even told that thay was flogging a dead horse but thay just didnt understand me and tryed to make me comform with the rest of the numptys and since school iv seen some people that was with me and there right washouts. I enjoy what i do and am interested in anything that leaks oil or makes smoke and sparks. Thankyou for the nice comments im hoping to have this project done for our wedding as jens wedding car im one for firsts so lots of work and not alot of time or money but that wont put me off persevering. best wishes DAN AND JEN
  9. Hi here is the front axle patern nearly finished just needs the prints fitted
  10. Here is a lamp i have on my two foot gauge loco any one know what its off or its agethanks DAN AND JEN
  11. Hi all iv been cleaning up the end of the chassis to weld on a peace of channel to get the chassis back to original length and i think iv found the chassis number i have tryed to find it before but with no luck but i spoke to a chap that knows abit about halley and he sugested that the number is behind the lefthand rear axle rear spring hanger so this time i scratched off paint and found some numbers so this is chassis number 1249 does anyone have any records of WW1 truck numbers that migth help to unlock its history regards DAN AND JEN
  12. Hi steve it is getting there im hoping to get the axle cast from steel with the other paterns (not made yet but will get them sorted soon. regards DAN AND JEN
  13. Hi all heres some pics of what iv been upto the past few weeks
  14. Its certainly interesting what they have made and the parts they haved used the wheels are two foot gauge hudson skip truck railway wheels with the treads turned down and still using the original bearings and even the chassis rails that they have chopped short il try and find a pic of one in one of my hudson supply books. DAN AND JEN
  15. Hi Tim il hope the daag hasnt pushed up the prices becouse it starts pricing young people out the hobbie and then who will continue with preseving our unique heritage i try my best to keep up with the cost of things also some of the people on the rallyfields are young people intolerant and have no time for for yong people but thay forget that this hobbie needs to continue into the next generation. I was talking to the auctioneer and he said the saurer had blown a gearbox and been withdrawn from the auction im not so sure about the other truck. DAN AND JEN
  16. Hi there sorry not posted recently just been struggling with the front end and trying to make sence of the drawings thanks for that thats brilliant thats just what i need now is the front axle to help get the chassis rolling thanks for informing me. looking at the pic i feel very fortunate that for the little parts i had it was in realy good condition and definatly the tyres i wouldnt like to think how much they would set you back its definatly spares rather than a restoration that i dont feel so bad about using it as spares for my one regards DAN AND JEN
  17. Hi all iv been making and fitting the front brush bars and now got the uprights fitted with the cross bar DAN AND JEN
  18. Hi all the springs arived today so iv reamed out the ends and put them on the chassis and thay look brill just got to paint them green its starting to take shape. DAN AND JEN
  19. these are the castings painted in greenDAN AND JEN
  20. SOME MACHINING PICSthanks for the coments DAN AND JEN
  21. Hi all heres some pics of the castings fitted to the chassis today have since painted them green will post some maching pics later. DAN AND JEN
  22. Hi there eveyone i managed to machine most of the castings on friday and finished them off saterday and have had them fitted to the chassis and today machined the front crossmember that goes between the dumpirons so that has been machined from two and three eighths solid bar then turned down to two inch only had that size and turned down on each end to one inch then threeded inch whit the total lenght is two foot ten inches and machined over centers. now all bolted together awaiting paint then fitting also the springs will be here this week so will get that fitted as well then going to make the brush bar and brackets plus the front hooks and pins will post pics in time. DAN AND JEN
  23. :yay::yay::yay:Hi everone:wave: good news i got the castings today and there brill these are the first castings produced for this lorry since it was made 1910/1915 ish so a monumentus day for the project heres some pics :yay::wave:am going to start machining them tonight so will put progeress as i go. Hi shane thanks for that i try my best .ps thougt it was funny to put lots of faces DAN AND JEN
  24. Hi all spoke to spring makers today and the front springs have been finished so hope to get them next week will post pics when thay get here then hope also to here that the dumpiron castings are done next week. DAN AND JEN
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