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  1. Does anyone have an opinion who the best supplier of jeep tyres is in the UK nearest copy to original,made in UK? Good quality etc thank you
  2. "...........so allied armour has either peaked price wise or this is just one auction result........of course if this had been a German tank eg Panzer IV it would have been gone at around 750k!
  3. It is advertised on Milweb with three Sherman hulls all priced at 75-85k !! So a complete runner with provenance from the forties must be around 150k
  4. It is definitely a runner I have seen it driven at Bovington and Duxford Military days at over 25+ mph!
  5. Presumably if the reserve was bottom end of estimate then 100k ensured it wasn't sold
  6. Can anyone clarify what the original spec,manufacturers,and sizing was for jeep tyres,and does anyone in the UK stock similar? Many thanks Senschu
  7. Pete thank you senschu
  8. Jumping in on this thread should a GPW have a synchro from second to first gear.I seem to have difficulties performing this without almost stopping
  9. I have viewed a number of Jeeps however I cannot tell if the Tubs are original (WW2) or post war replacements,is there anyway to tell the difference? Senschu
  10. Hi Drew is the Kubel now sold? as it seems to have gone off Milweb? Senschu
  11. I note on a number of posts people are asked what are they looking for in a Jeep,Factory or motorpool restoration. What is the difference and what does it mean Senschu
  12. [h=3][/h]I tried to order a book from the aboves website to no avail and tried e-mailing him on the website e-mail which is not in use,does anyone know: Is Ren still producing the book and does anyone have a recent e-mail for him? Does anyone stock the book in the UK? If this book not available any advice as to the best book for someone starting to look for a Jeep Any help appreciated Senschu
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