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  1. Hi Richard I'm having some trouble sending private messages and I wondered can you please respond to this one and send a private message, so I can see my messages are getting through. Cheers Gavin
  2. Your not wrong, I might have to chat up my friendly engineer in the terms of the jack situation.
  3. Hi Martyn, good find! The chassis rails don't look to bad, but the cross members look a bit worst for wear. Unfortunately I'm going to have to fabricate a new o/s chassis rail on mine. Like a fool I scraped 2 Austin k2 ambulance chassis after I had broken them up for sale and parts for my self and a friend. Now finding out that I could have done with keeping them for the cross members. The bonnets I don't think would be to hard to manufacture, it's the lower panel with the louvers in that could be a bit of a cow to re-make!! I have some spare wheels, which you are welcome to if you need one or two - long way off I know!! Fortunately I was lucky that the dash retained all of it's dials in fantastic order. How that happened I have no idea! Cheers Gavin
  4. Hi Martyn the Morris looks great! I wouldn't say the one on Millweb was better, but yes your right there are parts on both vehicles that would benefit each one. I picked the other one up on the low-loader on Saturday and it now sits at the farm. Perhaps we might need to stay in touch reference parts for pattern making and where parts/items go and so on ? Would be cool to see both of them on the show scene in the distant future !!! Best regards Gavin
  5. Hi, Does anyone have any information regarding the quantities and items stored in the lockers of a Quad i.e how many cammo nets, poles, and pegs, winch gear, shovels, pick axes, and so on...in particular how many C.206, C267, P59, P60 ammo boxes are stored on the vehicle. Also has anybody got diagrams on how to stencil the above ammo boxes in the correct places, with the correct information. Cheers Gavin
  6. Gavla

    Karrier WO6

    Here are the pics of the engine as promised - somewhat late!! Probs with downloading photos from my phone to the computer!! The gold looking paint on the aluminum is actually the sage green colour. P.s. I can send more pics if required. Many thanks Gavin
  7. Gavla

    Karrier WO6

    will take a couple of pics over the weekend and send them to you
  8. Hi, Can anyone help me...I've started to restore my Karrier WO6 and I have started to re-build the engine, butI have no manual for Dorman engine. Could anyone shed some light on the value clearances? The head number is 16212 with an engine number of 20702 (1929) Also, the head is painted black...is this correct? The rest of the engine is in it's bear aluminum, although when cleaning the engine I have found, under the grime, a sage green paint on the aluminum. Should it be painted this green or left in it's bear form? Cheers Gavin
  9. Hi Bob like you i have been looking into greens to freshen up the paint work on my Karreir w06. Im lead to believe that the pre war deep bronze green is No24 in gloss which im going to try. Will let you know how i get on. Best regards Gavin
  10. Fantastic photo, expect your right about someones old photo album languishing in a loft some where!. Will have to get some of those coveralls to go with the truck now
  11. Hi Richard, will try and contact the Motor Museum to get the info that you kindly sent me. Regards Gav.
  12. Thanks Runflat for the info, the pics are great! I have seen photos of three louvre bonnets to, one really good one of a Karrier in service in India, sent to me by my good friend Richard Farrant, see pic below:
  13. hi Zero-Five-Two unfortunatly the wife says it has to stay green as it matches her eyes
  14. She looks even better now, washed and polished only have a few little jobs to do. Amongst all the spares in the back body i found some paper work believing it to be the only surviving example! well only restored example!
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