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  1. FH 70 operation tips and tricks

    It's not the handiest of military history to move around due to its size and weight. I need to work out why it won't fold back on itself - maybe the wheels need to be fully down - the hydraulics are a bit temperamental (like me!).
  2. FH 70 operation tips and tricks

    One day it will be restored and you can come and show us how to use it! We are based in Shropshire.
  3. FH 70 operation tips and tricks

    Hi Wally, that's fantastic, thank you very much for the info. Do you know what the SA Gear does that is marked on your diagram? Also, how hard do you think it is to take the whole breech block off to service all the parts? Would loads of springs and parts drop out never to be refitted correctly ( this seems to happen to me a lot!). Regards Bruce
  4. FH 70 operation tips and tricks

    She is a beauty - I need to get a muzzle cover or find a bit of canvas. I don't suppose you know if the breech is held down with any locking mechanism or does the autoloader need to be in a certain position? I'm trying to open the sliding breech so I can have a go at cleaning it inside - but it's jammed somehow - it does not look too rusty.
  5. FH 70 operation tips and tricks

    Cheers for the advice - I have spoken with my local officer. Its only the breech that was held down with some pretty poor tacking to stop it being messed about with.
  6. FH 70 operation tips and tricks

    That would be really useful- how could I contact him or her?
  7. FH 70 operation tips and tricks

    Hi John, I think you are right about the welds - I will have another go at some point. It's on my FAC for blank firing and display purposes. I'm interested in how it all works, but I'm finding it fairly complicated though! The engine works and the hydraulics do something sometimes! Any tips are greatly received. I can't get the traverse or elevation to work as yet.
  8. I'm trying to restore a FH70 that has stood for several years. The breech has been lightly welded shut and even though I think all the welds have now been ground off, the breech is well and truely stuck in the closed position. Does anyone know if the breech has any locking mechanism that may be holding it shut? Also, is there any tricks to get the gun to raise and lower - the wheeled handle by the firing lever is jammed! Thanks.
  9. Saxon APC interior & engine

    Not sure if you can see the interior on this Saxon - it's the command vehicle that has the Bedford engine, and the inside is padded with similar stuff you find in FV432's.
  10. CVR(T) Scimitar - 07 FD 04

    Hi Chris - she's coming along nicely. I've managed to get my project in the shed - may try and get something going for W&P - now I have got those fantastic parts off you!? Bruce
  11. CVR(T) Gearbox Alignment

    Are the shims just flat pieces with the bolt holes drilled in them?
  12. CVR(T) Gearbox Alignment

    Great Picture - looks like some precision is needed in aligning the engine and gearbox up - did you spirit level the gearbox to the hull and then pack the engine to match up with the gearbox or visa versa? Bruce
  13. new to sabres

    Hi Justin, It looks like the restoration race will be on this year - I will wait till yours arrives before I pull the sheet off mine and get building!
  14. Scorpion Restoration

    Happy New Year All. I hope in 2014 that I can take this blog a little further !
  15. CVR(T) Scimitar - 07 FD 04

    Sounding sweet - will it be ready for a Christmas Day run to the pub!