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  1. Al. have sent you a PM re UK orders and payment Yours Mike
  2. B-C Richard's two photos show it all. The men in Service Dress in the top photo have breeches rather than s/d trousers which allows them to wear the spring front leggings you can see, or puttees as an alternative. The three men in the lower picture in are in two types of working dress. The two on the left appear to be wearing khaki drill overall suits. Artificers did wear canvas suits which were off-white but these only had two patch pockets in the jacket skirt, not buttoned breast pockets as in the picture. The man in the darker kit is wearing a dungaree suit (dungaree referring to the dark blue material, not the style). The official terminology for both these types of suit describes the jackets as "frocks". I am pretty sure that the trousers on the right are just very greasy and not oilskin or leather which would'nt fit with any issue of the period. Army Council Instructions refer to the issue of both of these types of kit in June 1916. Mike
  3. A couple of photos attached showing the Austro-Hungarian army's version, these cars were with a medical unit on the eastern front - somewhere in Galicia. The vehicle in the lower pic is a Graf und Stift
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