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  1. Amazing job! A friend of mine back in NZ has one quite similar as is looking for an Owners/Operation Manual for the Steyr Puch, Haflinger Would you know were to find one or a reproduction/copy? Regards Tor
  2. its all right! after many hours buggering around really today, the Rolls Royce B60 fired into life on P1 , after 20 years sitting in the yard. idles nicely i think only child birth could excite me more than that! (maybe) took a long time to get going (had 9 ,batteries on and off charge the whole day , two chargers running constantly some of them were abit **** to be honest) , fuel tanks were shot so had a gravity feed from the roof, got a video off it all. didn't really hold out much hope for the dizzy due to the cracks in the top of the cap but amazingly came through, even ran on six from go! unfortunately after getting the rusted bonnet (locks on n all) off P2 she looks proper seized, mondays missions will be a slow one, heres hoping i can do it with out removing the head.
  3. Hi, thanks for the dizzy info, i've had it all apart, as Clive said it is different but your right about them getting gummed up with old grease. Clive could i have your phone number, you sound like the type of bloke i need to talk to if your free. today i managed to get some power to the control panel. but still not to starter, have had starter off she's all beautiful and free. control panel was a right mess inside, have cleaned up best as i can in the field. My contact details are; torcrowden@windowlive.com on site mobile 07587306877 Im staying in Wingrave where the Pigs are stored land line number is 0129661244 would be grate to speak to someone in the know. cheers tor
  4. Thanks for the info. will come in handy. It's the main prop shaft from the gearbox to the transfer box/diff It's sheared in two just up a bit from the middle. I'll get a photo of it and put it on here. you wouldn't know anyone with a spear by any chance. cheers Tor
  5. They've done something to them. The owners before us had someone from the military immobilize them, am trying to get ahold of them to find out what. i'll keep at it tomorrow.
  6. Our two pigs have been immobilized by the military, can anyone help im trying to get power to the control panel with no luck all the switch gear has been sodomised. is their anyone who knows what they use to do to kill them, email is torcrowden@windoslive.com cheers tor
  7. thanks for the welcome. Yeah that's the two girls, i've got a copy of that photo on here but for some reason my photo's wont display. there in a worse looking state now. getting them ready to export home. Will update photo's of the museum's inventory when i figure out how, haha. yeah lots of Kiwi's are into their military gear as a lot of it ended up here as farm equipment and al sorts of rear odds and ends which were surplus to requirements or Obsolete were sent out to NZ. Im i need of a Humber Pig Expert if anyone can help. B60 engine boffins and people who know there way around the wiring in them as mine been butchered some what.. also in need of a main drive shaft, ones had a hard live and has been torn to pieces, doesn't look like they upgraded them from the original one tonne truck they were based on. my email is torcrowden@windowslive.com cheers tor
  8. hello all. We own a small private museum in the north island of New Zealand with a verity of exhibits ranging from vintage motorcycles to live steam traction engines. I'm the son of the founders Roger and Linda Crowden from Somerset Uk who enumerated to NZ in the late 80's to start the museum. Im currently in Wingrave UK getting two Humber pigs going ready for export to NZ for the museum. We've owned them for a number of years and now the time has come to ship them to their new home. If anyone can off advise on pig gremerlins please advise me. I've got most of it covered and hope to have one of them fired up tomorrow for the first time. I'll update with photos and info on these two orange piglets at some point they haven't been started in 20years!!! Cheers Tor Crowden
  9. haha yes we found these old girls rotting away in a feild in Summerset on my granparents old farm which is now owed by one of the band members administrators , they were dumped there with the hope of getting them back on the road (never happened) . You'll be happy to hear that we rescued them and have moved them to a yard with lots of other forgotten gems and that they are going to be shipped over to new zealand in the new year with us and restored to the former glory and put on display at my fathers transport museum along side a few land rovers , chev puddel jumpers and army caterpillers , ofcourse they'll be used to terrorise the locals on the way to the pub as much as possible . The verdics out wether or not the keep them orange maybe just one
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