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  1. Thanks, didn't think it could damage the wheels. I'll just have to take it carefully. I won't be using it too regularly and it's a short driveway at least!
  2. Hi all; I am looking at buying a property with a shared gravel driveway. I don't want to annoy the neighbours though by driving an FV432 down it if it's going to mess up the path. Does anyone know how an FV432 or similar heavy tracked tank would fare over gravel, i.e. will I wreck the driveway? Thanks!
  3. Thanks Chris I'll give Sammy a call tomorrow. All the best Merlin
  4. I've been interested in purchasing an FV432 for some years now but have been wary about the possible maintenance requirements. My DIY skills extend to changing a lightbulb but that's about my limit! If the vehicle is used for infrequent short trips on roads (i.e. the occasional fun drive rather than serious muddy countryside slogging) would I expect onerous amounts of maintenance involved? I live in Norfolk (England) and also wondered if anyone in the area who works with military vehicles (e.g. one of the museums or tank sales enthusiasts here or just a mechanic with an interest in FV432s) might be agreeable to hiring their services for an annual vehicle service and ad-hoc maintenance of the FV432 from time to time? All the best Merlin
  5. I know an FV432 is about 5.25m long but does anyone know how long it is with a Fox turret, i.e. how far further forward the barrel extends? Many thanks! Merlin
  6. Thanks - I'll try and persuade the council that a dropped kerb will be necessary to park my tank (and that I've made the request while sober!)
  7. I passed my category H some years back, and am presently thinking about buying a small piece of land near where I live to build a garage on to house an FV432. However, access to the land is over the pavement and I am very wary about the potential to cause damage to the paving/roads. You can see the pavement in the attached image. Does anyone with experience of driving FV432s know if (with proper pads fitted and driving at the 20mph limit) they are likely to cause any damage to the roads, and furthermore whether they are likely to wreck that pavement if they mount it to access the garage? I am thinking about asking the council for a dropped kerb (perhaps without mentioning I intend to put a tank there!) Merlin
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