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  1. Sorry to ask a daft question but how is the box body secured to the flat bed? Gavin
  2. Andy, sorry just found your post. Do you have a picture of the box body and the connection you have described? Or have you already solved the issue? Gavin
  3. This Could be an ESV (Electronic Spares Vehicle) the generator is used to power this and the ERV (Electronic Repair Vehicle) which was in a container that ran the full length of the flat bed. It could also be a command vehicle (can't remember the TLA, there must have been one) The generator would then be used to power the switch which was the centre of the trunk node as previously mentioned. Think of the switch as a telephone exchange. Don't ask me too much about FV439's I was at the back, sinking in Belgian mud!
  4. Hi Mark, what you are looking for is called a "Penthouse". It is a canvas lean to supported by aluminium poles. These come with a lot of the Tranportable Containers. I have no idea where to get them. I'll let you know if I find out. cheers, Gavin
  5. Hi everyone, I have come across this forum many times when doing searches for vehcile info so I thought it was time I joined. My interest is in WW2 Royal Corps of Signals so any vehciles associated with them is what I'll be browsing the forum for and asking about cheers, Gavin
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