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  1. Hi wish you luck with your project , I'm in the middle of a similar one restoring a twin set of 4 inch Mk 16 guns . I am told that the gun logs are in deep storage at Hampshire C C offices somewhere and are not accessible at the moment .can I suggest we join forces on persuading them to allow us to access these . i would be interested in how your restoration is going please drop me a line kind regards John Dale
  2. Hi Andy yes I have had several meetings with them and they have been very helpful indeed as has the curator of HMS Belfast
  3. Hi to all just a quick note to ask members if any one has any idea where I may find some cases for the 4 inch Mk XVI* naval gun . I am undertaking restoring these twin guns and would be gratefull for a couple of cases as they seem to be scarce as i have yet to find one . Also any other parts would gratefully received . The plan is to mount these on a 15 ton trailer to be able to exhibit these at various shows next year kind regards and a Happy New Year to all
  4. Hi Doesnt look Russian to me I agree photo is poor but you can clearly see the sharper front glacis plate,different from Russian ones,as the post war ones were welded together without a solid bar at the point.Also it looks to me as if there is a large tube on the left hand side.This is likely to be fording eqipment and as the Polish developed the T34 for fording more than the other Soviet nations, I would place a bet on it being Polish
  5. Good luck I thought I had enough to do on my T34 but at least it was nearly complete.Look forward to seeing it at War and Peace,this year perhaps?????
  6. My T34 is a 1944 model with the split commanders hatch.It was made at Nizhni Tagil at the Uralvagon factory No 183.It has indeed had the 1960s upgrade with better air cleaners provision for IR vision and T55 style starfish wheels,and a few other bits.It ended up in Bosnia where it was fighting on the side of the Croations. The writing on the side was under the old paint when we stripped back for re painting and is undoubtably wartime as it mentions Stalin and it was on the very first layer of paint.
  7. Hi Great pics of your CVRT in the snow.I took my T34 85 out yesterday in nearly a foot of snow and she handled brilliantly.Must be the extra weight ,it was great to use it in the enviroment it was designed for
  8. Hi Thought I would share a couple of pics from this afternoon,took the old girl out for a spin in the snow,she handles far better on snow and ice, no wonder they did so well on the Eastern front, there is no need for Tiger and Panthers complicated steering
  9. Hi As far as I,m aware there are few T34s left on our side of the Iron Curtain.It is possible that there are some left in Russia somewhere,good luck trying to buy one there.I bought a 1944 T34 from a batch that came from Bob Flemming back in 2005.At the time I think he was hoping to get more but none seemed to be forthcoming.My own thought is that when scrap increased that unless it was easyto move alot of stuff was scrapped. As for T54/55s and later there are some available but prices have risen by an astounding amount.
  10. Here are a few more pics from Bethune
  11. No I only managed to get to War and Peace and Bethune.As you can see from the pic the tracks still had a deal of Beltring mud in them. When I left the town centre in Bethune I got the tank up into third gear and left most of it behind.Bethune is a great event so unlike shows here,it never fails to amaze me of the Gaulic lack of attention to health and safety
  12. Hi Guys First time for me using this forum so just as an experiment here is a pic of my T34 85 in Bethune France last sept. It was a great weekend first chance I had to drive the old girl on the road, great fun especialy in the town on the cobbles John
  13. Hi if you do go through France make sure you get prior approval from the port authority and the ferry company.It depends what you carry in terms of weight because in Calais there is a weight restriction on all bar one of the loading ramps,and you need to fill in additional forms to show all the axle weights etc.We took my 1944 T34 85 to Bethune this year on a Scammell Crusader and had a helluva load of agro at both Dover and Calais because of this. Good luck
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