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  1. Agree with my learned friend Enigma - very nice job. You are to be applauded on your speedy work - well done indeed. look forward to more updates, thanks for sharing.
  2. Had a break from ‘playing with old army trucks’ - life has a habit of getting in the way of hobbies sometimes. The 166 has been preserved, parts have been collected, and I am almost ready to start the restoration.
  3. Only just read about it . . . . .
  4. In what way do you consider the price “ridiculous” - too much, or too little?
  5. Hi Enigma, How are you feller? Here are a couple pictures. It also have engine, hood, radiator, windshield and some body parts. Any help with a positive identification of the type, would be greatly appreciated. regards, mark.
  6. Well, two years later - I just got it home. The seller was very helpful, honest and generous. He was genuinely happy that it had gone to a good home. Thanks to everyone on this thread that helped with opinions and information. any more contributions of information would be greatly appreciated. It is four wheel steer!
  7. Good post, very insightful, sums up nicely the dilemma of making an offer on something with an indeterminate value. I don't have many vehicles in my collection, I don't 'deal' in vehicles - I build houses, and if I wanted to make money then I would just build another house and sell it - more profit in it. I very rarely buy a vehicle, and even more rarely sell one. I never seek to buy a vehicle and only considered this because it was offered to me - I certainly wasn't looking for one. The last vehicle I sold was a GPW, and the only reason I sold it was because I had another one, and the guy wanting to buy it had spent a year trying to buy one, was looking at a load of junk and I really didn't want to see him stiffed so sold him mine at a fair price. Anyway, I like this one, would like to do it up, and would like to rally it. I figure as far as value is concerned it would 'break even' at best, maybe even 'lose' money in the short term but perhaps 'make a bit' in the long. A couple grand is a fair bid in my opinion.
  8. Wow! You Sir, are a star - thank you. Mark.
  9. Thank you again, More fantastic pictures and great information - I guess if the value of a restored example is £20k ish, (35kUSD) that is the obvious starting point. i cannot see the vehicle getting restored professionally for any less than that figure. So, all that leaves is the option to not place any value on the man hours, and swallow that 'cost' - in any event, not going to be a fortunes made out of this, and more likely to be a money pit. I make you right, that is a pretty accurate summary. I'm told that some of the panels are there, certainly the windshield is, so some very important panels for repair or patterns. I'm thinking of offering a couple grand, + or - depending on what panels are there.
  10. Thank you, really appreciate all the replies and research - yes, I am interested in acquiring the vehicle, for a restoration - I am not in a position to pay a fortune though, and not wanting to offend the seller that was kind enough to offer it to me, what would be a fair price to offer? Thanks again, Mark.
  11. Thanks Mike, i also like like it, and agree it is a rare beasty indeed - appreciate the reply, and pictures or links would be fantastic. i wonder why it is RHD?
  12. Thank you, Very useful link - I am sure that is the one. I'm guessing that flat folded wings were a later production modification to improve speed of manufacture?
  13. Not used to Italian stuff, so really out of my depth with this - I'm Guessing Fiat - SPA? Any idea on model? If one were offered such a beast - what would be a fair price?
  14. Spot on mr Enigma - you star
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