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  1. Hi is this still for sale and whereabouts are you?
  2. Glynn

    Sx8ar Peugeot

    Does anyone know where the engine number is on these bikes? Anyone have any info?
  3. As said above help please. volvo trygge weighs 3.1ton, 6m long, 3.5m wheelbase, 2m wide, runs but no brakes. thanks
  4. Looking for a Volvo straight six sidevalve engined fire pump trailer for parts?
  5. Glynn


    Thanks match that is good info. Strike mine is vacuum and brake fluid so sounds like yours won't do. thanks Paul hopefully that will do it.
  6. Glynn


    Hi runflat no it's a vacuum remote brake servo unit fitted to trucks wartime to the fifties .
  7. Glynn


    Hydrovacs does anyone have a good source of parts(in the uk preferably) or info on bleeding and setting up. had a look online and it sounds a bit like a pain in the **se.
  8. Any suggestions for the transport of a Volvo trygge truck weight 3100kg from Swindon to Carlisle or even just a bit nearer! Rolling non runner but can assist loading. thanks
  9. Hi I am looking for Volvo 6cylinder side valve ED engine parts. valves and guides piston kits gaskets Bearing shells or complete engine or b30 or b36 complete engine. thanks folks
  10. Hi folks I am needing new valves to fit a Volvo sugga and I think the Bedford 300 petrol is a similar size. does anyone have any size information on the exhaust valves and collets? Valve- height of groove for collet from valve head Collets- small diameter ,large diameter ,length ,taper ,height of groove from small end. or does anyone in the north have these that I can have a look at? Thanks Glynn
  11. Sorry wasn't sure where to post this. does anyone know a supplier of naoto green leatherette for covering seats interior panels etc? i am also wanting light grey for headlining thanks folks
  12. Yeah old taxi body fitted with four wheel drive .I think they look good but im biased
  13. Hi Martin welcome. always loved the martian there are two near me rotting away if you need more info let me know.:-D
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