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  1. PDonovan

    Spotted today....

    I saw it heading south on the M40.... Looked like a M10 Achilles tank destroyer. Like this working one.. https://youtu.be/BryVJlp9m-s
  2. I have just advertised my CVRT Sabre on the Forum. Regards Paul
  3. Has been fully restored over the last 4 years. In excellent Condition & Running Order. Something went wrong... The Full Restoration can be seen here..... alvissabre.blogspot.com £35,000 ono I would consider a P/Ex for something interesting. Call Paul 07879 811130
  4. PDonovan

    CVRT Sabre 03-FD-10

    believe it or not I've only just read your comment..... thanks.... Regards Paul!!! 2 inch gap at the top !! lol
  5. PDonovan

    CVRT Sabre 03-FD-10

    Timbo.....believe it or not I've only just read your comment..... thanks.... Regards Paul!!!
  6. Blog Updated http://alvissabre.blogspot.co.uk/
  7. My Blog Updated http://alvissabre.blogspot.co.uk/
  8. http://alvissabre.blogspot.co.uk/
  9. Something went wrong...
  10. Something went wrong...
  11. From my Australian correspondent ... ! Something went wrong...
  12. PDonovan

    CVR(T) Sabre rear bin cover

    Hi Chris.... Put me down for one.... ! Cheers Paul