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  1. What is the solex carb model number on the Jaguar J60 engine? Where are the diaphrams and parts available in the US or UK? Has anyone ever changed over to E type SU carbs? or other brand? Has anyone ever change oil filter to screw on type? Thanks
  2. I started the trip, but my truck flooded out half way there. Coming from the US.
  3. Does anyone have photos of the interior of the Scimitar 2 vehicle? The seats hang from the top? There is more room inside. Also what is the purpose of the air spoiler on the turret? Thanks for your help. Roger
  4. Hello, I am Roger1954, from USA. Our new non-profit charity organization is looking to purchase any model CVRT to use as a parade and ceremony vehicle to honor all military veterans. Prefer a running, driving vehicle, and we can do paint, and some repairs. Maybe even streaker or shielder that we could construct a light weight tank body. I have worked on Jaguar, Rolls Royce, JCB vehicle and have knowledge of CVRT mechanicals. Thanks for your assistance.
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