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    Owner of Mk VIII Barrage Balloon 1945, MkVI Barrage Balloon D-Day 1944, and a 1959 Mk2/3 Ferret
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  1. You still interested in my unfinished ferret? Pop over to Monmouth to view. Must shift.
  2. I have begun a tear down on Mk2/3 but for a number of reasons am thinking of selling as is - any interest?
  3. Richard Farrant gave superb advice and I ordered from Tracytools yesterday and the tap arrived this morning. Thanks to both. Burred thread now recut and fuel bolt goes through nicely. Thanks to all!
  4. The manual says "BOLT, FLUID PASSAGE BSP.F. , brass 3/8 in." But this is greek to me . So I do not Know if this will give me the size of tap needed to clean up the threads. Any advice.? I presume BSP.F stands for: Parallel (straight) threads, British Standard Pipe Parallel thread (BSPP; originally also known as[1]British Standard Pipe Fitting thread/BSPF (Wiki).
  5. Just had a frantic hour getting the broken banjo bolt out of the fuel tank. On examination the threads could do with a recut. Would any of my learned friends know what tap size I need for this or should I just get a steel bolt and use that? If so what size bolt should I seek? Thanks as always for the great advice.
  6. I will do that on the weekend and report back. Luckily the handbrake and large concrete blocks is holding it in place.
  7. Just pulled the turret off and am about to steam clean the interior of the vehicle and engine and bay. However when I went to tow it with the tractor I pressed the footbrake and it went straight down to the floor! Handbrake held OK. What has happened to the brakes?? Where should I start looking!
  8. Where can I source new foam brow pads for the commander pull down seat and the MG mount or is there an alternative supplier?
  9. A minor modification was the addition of an 'M' Series Throttle cable that activates the fuel pump primer leaver. A bracket was fabricated and bolted to the coil housing - priming made easy! The Jolley Electronic Ignition was also installed.

    Fantastic idea!! Do you have any images or diagrams showing how you did this? I am having problem working out the exact layout/design you used. Thanks

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