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  1. I have found that Ward La France wreckers have the exact same wording on two separate plates as on the Engine speed and warning buzzer combined plate shown above.
  2. I don't think so - the others are used the Weasel and the Bantam are modern repros
  3. Thank you Gordon. It was an eclectic mix of plates and also included two repro plates (Weasel and Bantam trailer). So they could come from anything. The Sherman plates were for a Chrysler built 105mm and Pressed Steel Car Co 76mm plus a 76mm dimension plate. N.B. they came from Switzerland.
  4. Ok first post here looking for help I purchased a couple of Sherman tank dataplates a few weeks ago and they came with some US truck plates. 1. A Fargo Trucks model FXK678 data plate 2. An REO 7 1/2 ton 6x6 tractor truck USAAF Model 29XS data plate ( this was the USAAF fuel tanker) Plus three separate instruction plates for: 1. To dilute crankcase oil with gasoline plate 2. Transmission gear positions /transfer case/truck brake plate 3. an RPM and loss of air brake plate Can any one confirm if these are from either the REO or the Fargo trucks ?
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