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  1. no trailer is still sat there i couldn't trace an owner so land owner and the quarry didn't want to really get involved as far as doing a deal on it. got myself another trailer project know so i don't know what the future holds for this 50 tonner
  2. i have 2 NOS filters for my trailer as originals are missing. think they are simple multi stacked layers of brass discs which you remove, clean and re stack.
  3. this is the truck/trailer John drove it from bristol to Arnham and all the way back last year on the 30 core trip, just over 1000 miles absolutely loved it. hoping to take this set and mine to normandy for 80th.
  4. i re build riveted boilers for traction and railway engines and do some heavy machining so i am fortunate to be geared up for a project like this, get a buzz off it turning rough to smooth. but same time what your doing with your tanker with all that tin work is incredible! any thing less than 5 mm thick i just hate but different skill sets for different levels of projects. been following your AEC tanker from the start and she is a credit to all your hard work. best regards sam
  5. and to come right up to date, put the dolly up on the horizontal borer to drill and bore out the king pin hole which is 5 1/2" dia to take a 1/4" thick aluminum bronze bearing to accept the 5" dia king pin. when i took it apart there was no bearing at all and the old bore had been nickel welded and machined then worn out again. so hopefully this will be the last time this trailer will need any major work for a long time. WP_20200517_17_42_44_Pro.mp4 in the process of sourcing some aluminum bronze at the moment and some T16 steel to make a new king pin and retaining nut. also need to re bore the holes for the A frame pins but i'll need to turn the dolly the other way up to do that, bit of a cock up on my part but hay ho. probably wont be touching this for a week or 2 but will have fuel tanks for the diamond so will be back to that very soon. regards sam
  6. the dyson was more of a replacement for the rogers as the rogers was never designed and couldn't really carry the centurion as not enough tires and they were for ever blowing out. my rogers was definitely used post war so would have carried centurions and it does show. early post war years british army were trialing ballasted versions of the dragon wagons and other trucks before antar but even between 45-48 it was already decided the DT's were going to stay in service which is why many got re engined with the rolls engines around 1950 on wards. think last DT was with drawn in the early 70's so a 25-30 year service life, so would that be the longest serving tank transporter model in british army history??? i don't know anything bout the antar and commanders service history. regards sam
  7. this was the start of the endless task off machining and fabricating the various worn, broken and missining parts just on the dolly. started with the dolly hand break as this front plate (pic 1) was gone completely and the rear support plate on the back side (pic 2) was worn out. simple enough to make and luckily a friends trailer is close to hand to take measurements. next i sorted out the coil spring mounts which bolt to the under side of the main dolly frame to house the 4 suspension (coil) springs. the main pins them selves were necked around the heads slightly and the threads for the retaining nut had stripped when i removed the nuts so easier to re new. pins were welded in to the housing originally as you can't get to them to stop them from turning when the housing is bolted to the dolly frame. vast improvement! new cast steel pintle eye housing for the A frame, the original had deformed and wasn't really suitable to go again so new one cast, machined and waiting to be welded to new A frame when i get to it. also cast new steel alloy eye and retaining nut as original eye had multiple inserts welded into the eye to keep it going. complete assembl. machining one of the spring retaining pins (T16 steel was used). WP_20200429_17_38_13_Pro.mp4 new 1/2" thick top plate being positioned onto dolly frame, the original was bent like a banana and the king pin hole had been welded up and machined before. also after needle gunning the original plate there was to much corrosion to really save it. took a good day to remove the old plate due to various welds being hidden behind other plates etc. welding under way all ark welded as original with a single root and single cap weld. used 1 & 1/2 boxes of 2.5 mm welding rods to do all the welding on the dolly. on average a 12" rod was putting down about a 3" - 4" run with 2 passes just to go around the out side as in pic below. internal stitch welds as original these were a single root with a double cap same as original welds. new 1/2" doubler plate for king pin the original was 1/2" thick x 1 foot square with a single seam weld but over time that had bowed with the main top plate so decided to upgrade it by quadrupling it in size but keeping it 1/2" thick. went down the root of riveting it in with 26 3/4" rivets which will greatly increase the rigidity of it all and hopefully prevent the problem the original had from rearing it's ugly head. (marking out new doubler.) tack welded the new doubler plate into position and drilled the whole lot under the radial drill. the whole lump was then flipped over to counter sink the holes on the top side. welding more new plate work on as the old plate was removed to get at welds which are behind it holding the top plate to the main frame. trust me cutting it up was a night mare! hot off the press doubler riveted it just got to grind the excess metal down flush then onto the horizontal borer to machine the king pin bore and true up the A frame mounts. as they are very badly worn and will need bushing or something. will bring you all right up to date in next day or 2, stay safe every one. regards sam
  8. that set is know in the US with a collector, used to live just 4 miles from me.
  9. purchased my rogers a couple of years ago from the Shopland collection near Avon mouth, figured my 980 was a really rough example that was parked under a tree so why not have a trailer the same lol. don't have any info on the trailer's service life over than it was used post war by the british army and quickly got sold in to civi hands. it worked for pounds in southampton and was worked dam hard!! various people owned it in preservation but nothing really got touched on it. this is definitely one of them probably should have found a better one but the price was write and well it's a challenge. first 3 pics are as i 1st seen it 3 years ago and didn't take me long to say yes. 2 or 3 months ago started dismantling the dolly/turntable assembly. removed the wheel stations as complete assemblies are easier to dismantle ounce separated from the main turntable. had to make a puller to remove the hubs as the break linings were stuck to the drums. hub off and luckily they were rammed full of grease so wheel bearings are perfect. the trunnion pivots were not seized but not far off it, brass bushes are ok so just clean the grease holes, paint and re fit. h breaking down wheels luckily none were rusty so they all came apart with ease which makes for a nice change. starting on 2nd unit. removing break drum backing plate both units completely stripped mostly cleaning and paint required some machining work required but generally not to bad. have already done a load of machining and other jobs so will add a few more posts over next few days to bring this project up to present day real soon. regards sam
  10. that's a rag top 980/981 with a 50ton dyson. 2nd pic gives the trailer away and i agree probably one of the pre production models as it doesn't appear to have the large A frame sticking out the front of the bed which was used for chaining down and supporting the towing A frame. the truck can't be mack as macks had a conventional cargo body which from pic 2 it has the typical slab sided garwood box which only the T's had and stands out being shorter than the macks body, with the typical dog house on top which macks didn't have. some have talked about the nose and you'd be surprised how much bonnet,rad & bumper there is beyond the front axle. not sure when macks were pushed out of service but i would think by 1948 the macks must have been nearly gone?? i'll let everyone make their own minds but 100% 50 ton rogers (prototype??) with DT 980/981, have started restoring my Rogers so will start a new thread on that soon. regards sam
  11. don't need to say much over than frilled with how the truck is turning out so far. have started on my 45 ton Rogers which is going to be a challenge so i'll probably do a separate thread for that. hopefully next year she'll be out n about for every one to see.
  12. that's what ratchet straps are for John 😜 glad the standard is to your liking Mike come along way since you seen her. think she was just a chassis and front axle when you seen it? hope life is treating your self and your good lady kindly Mike best regards sam
  13. thank you very much chaps only problem with restoring a vehicle for 3+ years is the urge to rush it gets very tempting but really hoping to run it on the road next year.
  14. managed to collect the new front fenders the other weekend and get them fitted, all of a sudden she looks like a Diamond again. shame it all has to come off to be painted and fine tuned by same time nice to have it all back on for final fit real soon. day i collected the wings just chucked them on to get a feel for how they will fit. welding the front mounting brackets which fit to the top bumper plate. ready to start fitting to the truck. one side mounted with the tread plate and new head light and mount fitted. last saturday had the toys out and really happy with how the diamond is looking with it's face back on. did a few laps of the field and boy i can't wait to get her on the road!!!
  15. 1 x NOS in the box cylinder head for Diamond T 980/981 fitted with the Hercules DFXE diesel box is completely un opened and head is cosmolined and wrapped in grease proof paper. head is complete with all valves/springs ready to bolt on only selling as have 2 identical boxed heads for my project so the 3rd isn't required. will add pics soon as i dig it out and i will open the box for the 1st time so you can see what you are getting. feel free to call/text Sam on 07533067157 £1000 no VAT located near Devizes Wiltshire will be in Macclesfield on saturday 21st march so can bring with me if it helps
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