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  1. MIKES

    Starter Motor

    Still clearing the shed so hopefully another item that may be of use to a fellow MV enthusiast. A reconditioned starter motor in as unfitted condition. Details from label are: DMC: 6MT4 NSN: 2920998176601 P/No: 1364108 Believed to be for the Leyland Daf with Cummins engine but please check that this is right. Open to offers.
  2. MIKES

    Land Rover Head gasket

    Unopened, genuine head gasket set for 2.5 D Land Rovers. Part number STC 1562. Has all of the valve guide seals etc. £12 plus postage or collect. Same price as a non-genuine part!
  3. Not certain if this is the right term but it is the sprung loaded component that is bolted to the front cross member and you put the starting handle into it and push onto the engine pulley. It is in good use-able condition, just needs a wire brush and paint. Definitely fits the Mk2 version with solid drawbar . £10
  4. MIKES

    Free tools

    Two tools that may be of use to someone. Firstly, An FV584561 adjuster which consists of a 7/8" A.F. hexagon on the end of a tee handle. Handle is 7" long and top part 5" wide. Looks like it is for adjusting something. Secondly a 7/16" Britool socket which has a 7/16" A.F. hexagon drive rather than the normal 1/2". Marked with W.D. arrow and 1953 date. Chrome in good order. Also with it a matched 11" long extension bar which would be used with a tommy bar. Both free to anyone who can put them to good use.
  5. MIKES

    Mk1 Militant Tanker

    Suspect that from now on it might be called the 'Damn and Blast it skirt'.
  6. MIKES

    Bedford Cables

    Clearing-out the shed and have three unused Bedford cables. They are new but have just been sat around. From memory, they are all for the MJ or MK range but please correct me if you recognise the numbers. No. 1. Nato number 2520 99 820 5488. 34" overall length. 1/4" rod at each end - transfer box cable? No.2. Nato number 2530 99 874 0566 (numbers at end aren't very clear so could be something other than a 5. 56" outer, 98" inner cable. Male thread one end, female the other. - front handbrake cable? No.3. No number. 42" outer, 62" inner cable. Fork one end, female the other - rear handbrake? £15 each. Will post at cost or collection welcome.
  7. MIKES

    WANTED - MK/MJ Canvas Roof Panel

    Neil, Might be worth taking it off and letting one of the canvas specialists have a look at it as they might be able to repair / let a section in before it gets any worse. There are a few good ones advertising on the net. Can't imagine there are many new or good second hand canvases about but it would be nice to be proved otherwise. Good Luck. Mike.
  8. Has anyone any experience of these ex-army drawbar trailers that are being sold by Withams? I'm interested in one primarily to put a Matador. They look quite suitable . They show one coupled to the back of a DROPS and I was just wondering if the drawbar height would be fairly similar on all British Army vehicles of a similar age. Alternatively, any advice on similar size trailers would be appreciated.
  9. MIKES

    Mk1 Militant Tanker

    Evening Rob, Yes, not too far away - just outside of Brentwood, Essex. we've met a few times at the AEC rally but unfortunately I couldn't get there this year.
  10. MIKES

    Mk1 Militant Tanker

    Hello Rob, Those seats look excellent. Would it be possible to have the details of the trim shop that did them ? Need to get my Explorer seats done and rather like the green vinyl as much easier to wipe oil and grease off than rexine.
  11. MIKES

    FV Tools

    Two FV2123926 tools. These consist of an aluminium handle just over 14" long x 1 1/8" diameter with a steel inserted end which has a 3/4" square hole. made by Tangye so perhaps to do with jacking? £5 each
  12. MIKES

    Mixture of wanted bits

    I need the following if anyone can help: Bedford RL parts book. Austin K9 parts book (not fussed about what variant as only need it for the running gear etc. Scammell Explorer driver and crew seats. Scammell Explorer clutch assembly including aluminium housing ('bell' housing with clutch brake mechanism) Thanks Mike.
  13. MIKES

    M.V. Tools

    A few tools here that might be of some use. 1 1/8" socket on 42" long, 3/4" diameter bar - possibly something for tensioning given the length - maybe 432 or the like. £ 6.00 (2 available) Folding wheel brace with captive cranked handle. 1 5/16" forged arm 14" long, 22" long handle - possibly Bedford £6.00 Hopefully will find new homes where they will be used. Can e-mail photographs if my descriptions aren't enough. Mike - msmith988@btinternet.com
  14. MIKES

    Jerry Can

    Free to anyone who can collect and make use of, a 1976 Jerry can which is in good condition although I can't vouch for what has been in it if you are going to put it to use. Collection only from near to Brentwood, Essex. Would be a shame to scrap it but need to tidy-up. Mike. msmith988@btinternet.com
  15. MIKES

    Hello All

    I've just started on the forum so thought it best to introduce myself. I'm interested in most things mechanical and probably have far too many projects for my own good. I currently own two Land-Rovers, a Scammell Explorer and a Foden Eka and also a 1935 Lanchester car. I'm also involved with model steam engines and the like. My main interests are the restoration and re-building and enjoy the blogs that are posted here. It never ceases to amaze me how owners tackle some quite daunting projects and this is always a good source of inspiration when the spirit is flagging. I'm an engineer by trade so enjoy the hands-on bit most. Also take pleasure in assisting others where possible as like minded soles seem thin on the ground around here! Mike.
  16. Does anyone have a grille badge suitable for the Foden Eka? Need one to replace mine that was stolen by a toe-rag. Would take whole grille if necessary. Thanks.
  17. I have quite a lot of specialist tools which I believe are for Bedford MJ or TM. Most are unused . If anyone needs anything, they are more than welcome to have a look and see what's there. Would rather they went to owners who can make use of them. Any help with identifying them would also be appreciated as I've drawn a blank looking on the web.