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  1. HI Edd,Good news.The missing parts from the Scammell,4x bonnet catches,locking pin handle etc have turned up.RESULT.😆👍still on the lookout for a track storage basket if you could keep your ear to the ground thankyou.How did you get on with the New Zealand Scammell R100.Thanks H👍
  2. Thanks Edd,hopefully you have got details.Thankyou
  3. Hi,yes no problem.Im new to this forum thing,is there any way to do a private message ,as I don't want to put his email details out to world.
  4. The wings on the pioneer don't look to bad,I've only got some small photos on my phone,definitely agree wings first then make brackets to fit.Its always the way when you are not looking for something,along they all come😆I did not get the price for the R100 as I thought shipping would be through the roof.He said to pass on his email if anyone was interested.
  5. Hi,That's good to know that they are not to bad to do.There are a few guys here that like a challenge.What I might do is hang fire for a bit as I have a few ads out for the parts,you never know its surprising what's still kicking about out there.I did get offered a R100 if you know anyone that would be interested in a restored example,BUT it's in New Zealand.
  6. Hi,thanks for that.Do you have any ideas on anyone or a company that could make a drivers side storage basket and the 4 front wing brackets if nothing turns up,I'm just thinking ahead.?🤔
  7. Hi,A friend of mine went and checked it over for me,it's got a made up wooden body on the back,machanically its good.As soon as I get it home I will take some photos with the iPad and post them.The contract number is S3164 which I believe was 30th April 1943.
  8. Hi Ed,sorry I have not got back to you sooner.I did not check my introduction for reply😳.Im on the Isle of Wight there is a desert sv2s at the islands museum I can look at.Thankyou for the heads up on the Scammell groups.I have put a deposit down on one,so hopefully very soon I will have the truck I have always wanted😆😆.I have put a wanted add on for some parts,Storage basket under drivers cab etc as when I get it home I want to put back to military spec.Thanks
  9. Parts wanted for Scammell pioneer.storage basket under drivers cab,Driver and passenger cab seat framework,front wing brackets x4,windscreen frame and openers.rear body metal work,ladder brackets,hinges etc.Thankyou for looking.
  10. Hi,I'm after a Scammell sv2s in original condition,or older restoration that can used.Photo is just an example of what I'm looking for.Thanks:-D
  11. Hi,I am new to the forum.I am looking for a usable Scammell pioneer sv2s recovery truck,in original condition or older restoration.The photo is just an example of what I'm looking for.Thanks for taking the time to look.
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