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  1. Hi everyone i am looking for a wwii British general service cap. Can anyone one point me in the right direction, or does anyone have a recommendation of a reproduction one? thanks
  2. Hi Everyone I am restoring a 1942 Bedford QLT. I am looking at getting a canvas for the body and was wondering what colour it might have been? I know there was a shortage of supplies around 1942. The vehicle is being painted in SCC 2 (Brown). Would the canvas have been khaki or brown? I have not been able to find much relating to the canvas and when I speak to supplies I just keep getting offer us olive drab. Any help would be appreciated
  3. Morning Hoping someone maybe able to help me. Can anyone tell me why some vehicles that where produced during WWii have 3 letters then 3 numbers (VYX 634) in stead of 2 number 2 letter 2 numbers.(82 RB 41).
  4. ***Stolen Bren gun mk2 ******* Morning just arrived at my yard to find its been broken into. can i ask people to To keep an eye out for someone trying to sell a bren gun mk2 serial number 12t100 plus box. Can you also share this with as many groups and people as possible. Thanks
  5. I’ve just got hold of an original QL wiring loom. It’s amazing how execlent the condition it is. When i’m ready to use it i just hope it self explanatory as no labrls on the ends.
  6. Hopefully next week i can finish the front brakes and have the chassis standing on its own wheels again
  7. Just finished the overhaul of the rear brakes.
  8. So many parts to clean and check.
  9. Still slowly plodding on. starting to put things back together.
  10. I cant remember where i read it but I believe this brown was referred to as milky chocolate. I used the find that Richard Farrant made on the inside of a vehicle panel of the colour s.c.c no2 brown. i purchased a supply of the colour Richard had made by RR services.
  11. Two days ago i started to put the first coat of service brown on.
  12. I have been using all the information that Mike Starmer has done on british army colours & disruptive camouflage of 1936-1945 to decided. According to my key card my vehicle is from contract V4914 and it chassis is 12449. this suggests that my vehicle was built in 1942 I know in may 1942 that there was a shortage of material to produce green paint so i have decided to psint the vehicle S.c.c no 2 brown i have already spray the chassis and axle with an under coat.
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