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  1. Wanted - 10.00 - 22 Tyres

    Still looking if anyone can help? Thanks
  2. Wanted - 10.00 - 22 Tyres

    Wanted 10.00 - 22 tyres bar grips for Mack NM? Regards Ryan
  3. Still looking, there must be some out there somewhere? Buried under a pile of bits or in a hedge???
  4. Thank you very much for your help!
  5. Still looking any help would be much appreciated!
  6. Hello all, Just putting our Mack NM back to 6V after the previous owners attempted conversion. Are there different ignition coils for different purposes I.E/ motorcycles or trucks? Or is it one size fits all? Any help gratefully revived Thanks
  7. 10.00 - 22 Tyres

    Have managed to find a couple any more would be great please?? :-D
  8. 10.00 - 22 Tyres

    Okay thank you very much that would be very helpful! Ryan
  9. 10.00 - 22 Tyres

    Wanted 10.00 - 22 tyres preferably bar grips but anything considered for Mack NM? Regards Ryan
  10. Have been told they might be Hands trailers? Could this be true? Ryan
  11. Hello All, We are currently looking for a certain type of trailer. We have been told that they were built during the war by Hands but aside from that cannot seem to find anything more about them? Any help and information would be greatly received and if by chance anyone has any of these lying about then we would be very interested! They are quite recognisable by the bracing underneath, we have made use of this on ours for a belly box. I have attached a photograph of one of ours below. Regards Ryan
  12. Mack NM

    Hello, Do you know what happened to your Mack? Is it still on the circuit? Yes ours still has the original petrol and it runs like a sewing machine! Regards Ryan
  13. Mack NM

    Okay thanks, would be great to see any others! Regards Ryan
  14. Hello Edd, Would very much appreciate being put in touch! Thanks Ryan
  15. Thanks very much for the photographs, much appreciated! Regards Ryan