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  1. The original combined Hotchkiss waterproof coil and distributor has been replaced by a previous owner with a conventional separate distributor and the Bosch coil, as shown in my picture.
  2. Hi. The writing on the back of the coil states KW24V, so I guessing it is 24 volts. There are no ballast resistors fitted. At the moment I'm leaning towards fitting a 24v coil from a M38A1. Do you think this is suitable?
  3. On the blunt end is the following: KW 24V 0 221 103 001 and 965 in an oval. The long number is the Bosch serial but they don't make them any more.
  4. I also saw this but I don't fancy a coil made pre-1963!
  5. The Bosch 24 volt coil on my Hotchkiss M201 has broken. Can I fit a 24v coil from a Land Rover FFR (Land Rover Ignition Coil 24 Volt FFR 552765 LU/45120 2920-99-806-6451)? A picture of the broken coil, is attached (it is not standard to the M201).
  6. Thanks to Cliff Harris at Universal Jeep for solving this problem. You simply remove the L-shaped Hotchkiss reduction thingummygig on the transfer case and screw the Willys cable direct to the box. Simples. All now working.
  7. I've bought a Willys MB speedometer for my 1962 Hotchkiss M201 but the cable fitting at the dashboard end is too big. If a buy an MB cable, will it fit at the Hotchkiss gearbox end?
  8. 1983 Series III Lightweight in very good condition with unleaded head, parabolic springs, Fairey overdrive, electronic ignition, nearly new hood, tyres and battery. 2.25 petrol, 12volt. See Milweb or eBay ads. £9,450. Northamptonshire. Might exchange for Willys M38A1. Peter 07800 842737.
  9. Mine is for sale in Northamptonshire and advertised on the MVT website and Milweb. Price has now been reduced to £9,450. Ring me for any more details.
  10. Hi again Norton 1926, I've now been told that this is in fact a Centurion with the side skirts removed. This is just the picture I need but the one on the forum is too low res to use in a magazine. I would need a hi-res jpeg of at least 2mb or the loan of the original picture to scan myself. I'll take great care of it! Please email me the new scan or photo. Thanks again. Peter.
  11. I think I've found the pictures you mentioned. I might be wrong but I don't think this is a Centurion as it doesn't have side skirts>
  12. Thanks. Great Pix but none of them show an Antar AND a Centurion!
  13. Hi all. This is a plea for a photograph to go with an article I'm writing for the MVT magazine Windscreen. I need a picture of an Antar tank transporter towing a Centurion tank, preferably taken in the 1960s but a restored rig will do. I need to have written permission from the copyright owner to use it in the magazine. A high definition digital image (jpeg) emailed to me would be great. Here's hoping! Please email me if you can help. Thanks. PeterC.
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