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  1. This photo appeared in my local paper this week. Although it is common knowledge that 'an army lorry' once fell from the bridge into the River Tees this is the first time I have seen any photos. Nice to see that they allowed the public such a close view of the winching!
  2. Yes, Stephen Morris, the drummer from New Order has an Abbott, a Ferret and several other mvs.
  3. People on here may know of it but I know of a HK police Saracen in County Durham.
  4. Hi - this is my first post on this forum so hello to all. Strangely the reason that prompted me to join was to show some photos of this very same tank that I took last year. Looks like I got beaten to it! I was going to post them as I didn't know what it was and was hoping someone could ID it - again beaten to it! I found out about the wrecked 'tank' a while ago but on seeing it I didn't think it was a tank as there was a lack of substantial plate or virtually any body at all. I thought the ring may be a turret ring but it seemed far too flimsy! I assumed it to be some sort of Carrier - the suspension units (which are the best preserved bits on the whole thing) look similar to me! But an A9 - thats excellent! Its actually reasonably well known locally even appearing as a landmark in at least one local walking guidebook!
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