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  1. I have a 1942 Q2. PM sent with my phone number. Call me if interested.
  2. Hi all I have a ww2 commer Q2 with a straight 6 petrol engine Can someone please advise which oil grades I should be using in the engine, gearbox and diff? Many thanks
  3. Hi all Thanks for your comments. In the end I took out the main jet and gave it a quick clean up after which it has been performing a lot better.
  4. I have a Commer Q2 with a Solex 40 FAI carb which has been standing for a few months. When I start it up either with or without choke it starts and runs fine. However it will not drive without the choke full on. If the choke is off then as soon as I open the throttle the engine dies. If the choke is full on then it will drive but is quite rough. I have been told that this is due to too much air and have tried to adjust the mixture screw but to no avail. However someone else has suggested that it may be a fuel starvation problem. Any suggestions would be gratefully received.
  5. Hi Everyone I am in the process of buying a Commer Q2 from a gentleman in Co Durham. I have tried to do a web search about these vehicles but other than the thread on this site I can find very little information about them. So can anyone advise me about absolutely anything to do with these vehicles? Please assume I know nothing to start with! Regards Steve
  6. Hi All. My name is Steve. I'm an ex reg soldier now in TA and ACF. I currently have a LR 101 Amby and an Armstrong. I'm currently looking at getting something from WW2. Preferably a Tilly or some sort of 15cwt would be good but anything would be considered. Also interested in anything Home Guard.
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