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  1. mattyp

    3HW Barrel

    Hey guys and girls. Does anyone know where I could get my sticky mitts on a barrel for a 3HW? I have had a few leads but no real luck so far and it is the last piece in the puzzle for me to be able to build my engine up. Thanks for looking at this Matt.
  2. Thanks for that Garrison, I have a couple of pictures up already and just posted a Youtube link to my first ride! Thanks Ron!
  3. Hey! So excited!! This is the first start and ride of my new 3HW I still need a few parts so if anyone knows where I can find a new barrel and piston and some decent wheels I would be much obliged! Let me know what you think
  4. Wow! She looks great! I am currently restoring mine, I just took her for the first run around an airfield because I am missing the registration cert at the moment. I am going to try to post a video clip to Youtube and copy a link on here somewhere but it put such a huge smile on my face! I notice you have pretty much replaced all the nuts, I am struggling with working out the old sizes etc because sadly my engineering background was all metric. Where did you source all of your fastners? Thanks again for posting, she really does look beautiful! Matt.
  5. Thanks very much Stefano! I will have a look now! I think my uncle might have just found one too so now I may even get a spare!
  6. Thanks Guy, I will try to find a civvy one. It never even occurred to me that the lever might vibrate off on the trailer
  7. Hey thanks guys I lost the gearchange lever through vibration on the way home though, does anyone know where I may be able to find a replacement? She is now running too! I cleaned the head out, relapped the valves, cleaned the carb out and reassembled and she sounds awesome! Great oil return and started within 10 kicks which, considering she hadn't run in 6 years or so, I didn't think was too bad!
  8. Here are a couple of pictures, I'll post some numbers later although i am nervous to do so in case they turn out to be wrong somehow lol I wouldn't really care though because I think she looks amazing Thanks very much for your replies though, I'll have to do some more research
  9. Ok so I bit the bullet and bought what I believe to be a 1944 3HW although I am now wondering if she is actually a 3SW with a 3HW engine fitted I will post some numbers later I lost the gearlever through vibration on the trailer on the way home but that's pretty much the only missing part I think. One of the valves was stuck so I have already stripped the head and cleaned and lapped them so fingers crossed she should slip back together with no undue fuss..... I will let you know how I get on
  10. Thanks Ron, have a great day out! Cheers Hoseman, thats awesome, i shall go look them up right now!
  11. Damn, I forgot about Kempton this weekend!
  12. Hey wd Thanks so much for that, I was looking on evilbay without much success but then, my search requests might not have been the best Thanks very much
  13. Hey Agmerlin Thanks very much! I haven't got her yet, I am trying to do my research first so I don't get bitten but I am certain I want to buy her She will be mine, oh yes, she will be mine.... (Wayne's World in case you didn't guess ......)
  14. Hey Chris Axminster is a great part of the world! I go canoeing quite a bit on the Ax with my dad. I know exactly what you mean about how you can't wait to get out! I just hope the summer is better than last year!
  15. Wow! What a warm welcome, thanks so much everyone 79/100, i don't think I will mess with the Duke although my mate and I manage to change her belts with a little bit of swearing! I have had a bit of 'correct' gear action on my dad's old RE GT Continental so hopefully I won't embarrass myself! Willys, Locolines, thanks for saying hi, I can't wait to get plodding! Arcot1751 I think laptimes will be the furthest thing from my mind! I can't wait! Rattlesnake and Timbo, I guess I just wanted something new to try as opposed to full on race leathers etc but I will be sure to steal, errr I mean 'borrow' some absorbent spill pads from work!!
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