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  1. hallo eric again, has someone a picture of some detailed parts of a 981 980 from the flywheelcase where I can see where the starter sits or both sides. Thanks for help if possible Eric,
  2. hallo, Thanks to all those who have given me the information. greetings Eric,
  3. hallo, I am Eric and i have 981 and I want to replace the engine by another make. Can someone tell me which kind of engines go in a 981. I have Scania and volvo's but the one is the starter on the left hand side but the steering box stays in it's way. The other a Volvo has the outlet manifold on the left and again the the steeringbox stands there where the pipe must pass. Maybe has someone here experience with other engines or whit Scania's or Volvo. For me here in Belgium it is difficult to find a Cummins for it. hopefully can someone tell me something more. With kind regards, Eric
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