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  1. is this available to view anywhere?
  2. so it could of served abroad then? thanks John Graham
  3. Hi, I have recently found out some info regarding its MOD life. 88" FFR, RHD, 24 volt,40A - so seems originally a Toastrack, DBG. registration was 45DM67. I applied to RLC Museum Deepcut for its 'B' card and was informed that they had no cards for vehicles 45DM00 to 45DM99. Does anyone know where 45DM-- vehicles may have served. this is the Land Rover when I bought it in 1993 has lost all of its 24v, FFR looks. it also has these unusual windscreen hinges. any ideas will be much appreciated. thanks Graham
  4. Hi, This is my Land Rover, I bought it in 1993. sold to me as a series 3. Not being well up on LR's I didn't know the difference between a 2a and a 3 but soon realised that something wasn't right. Its been through a few face lifts, this being the first below. It is going through another face lift due to the details I have found out over the last 6 months. they are it is an FFR 24v, 40 amp toastie. All of the 24v bits had been remover if they where ever fitted. one thing it does have is cut down windscreen hinges, see below. This is a military field modification. I have all so fou
  5. Hi, just like to introduce me and my vehicle. I have a SWB Land Rover FFR 1962 which I have owned for about 18 years. It was marine blue and looked like a series 3. I will post some pics up later and a bit more detail on it military background. thanks for the welcome. oh my names Graham
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