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  1. hi ron, love the 741 build,could you tell me how you got the contract number that you've painted on the tank cheers gruff
  2. hi, has anybody got an original petrol tank or know where i might get one cheers
  3. just a quick heads up on what ive found,after changing plugs to l86c i did have some improvement,it seemed as if i was chasing my tail as soon as i sorted one problem out another would crop up,so i decided to send the mag to tony cooper who reconditioned it and apparently it hadnt bee touched for many years,i wish he had checked it on the dyno before he stripped it but as usual he did a cracking job at rebuilding it and getting it back to me within a few days.while the mag was away i decided to have a look inside,firstly i found that the inlet pushrod had been repaired poorly at some time so a
  4. Ive managed to get me hands on an Indian 741b basket case,the bike has been civilianised so I am looking for most of the military parts as well as footboards, exhaust, complete seat assembly as well as some engine bits.can anyone point me in the right direction Cheers gruff
  5. fitted an l86c spark plug and this seemed to sort the problem out the bike now starts easier when hot,still hasnt sorted the misfire at high loads ,im going to recheck the ignition timing next.
  6. thanks for all the advice and Lex Schmidt for sending me detailed pictures and drawings for the pannier brackets,should be able to get them fitted for the victory show,cosby
  7. ive fitted champion l82c spark plug to my g3l,she runs fine apart from occasionally stalling at idle and then i have to clean the plug or even fit a new one to get her started again,ive removed and cleaned the carb,played around with needle positions,and she idles lovely when warm with no ignition advance.the plug is sooty but not wet.if i stop engine by turning fuel off and let her go lean and die she will start up fine.any ideas,is the L82c the best plug to use,i did write a long post about everything ive done but the bloody site keeps crashing,so this is the abreviated version cheers
  8. thanks for all the info,ive used the bike a couple of times this week and i havent had anymore wetsumping problems,i also have checked the crankase breather is working correctly and im going to replace the oil pump plunger and guide pin.thanks again for everyones help
  9. like i said he is trying to sort the problems out,ill just have to give him a nudge cheers:-)
  10. thanks for the info stef, after draining the sump,i adjusted the oil feed screw to the inlet valve(1/2 turn from closed) as it was unscrew by 3-4 turns.put a new plug in and she started first kick with no smoke!! the oil return is dribbling nicely as well. im going to have a look at the oil pump plunger in the next day or so. you mentioned that they do not like 50 weight oil? what do you recommend p.s i noticed you have a triumph 3hw,you dont have a spare set of girders for sale? worth a try eh,, thanks again
  11. i ordered a rear rack from terry at metal magic,received it a couple of months ago to find it didnt fit,looked like an indian copy,anyway i have sent these back to terry at least 7-8 weeks ago and i still havent received the right rear rack,to be fair terry is trying to sort this out but when you pay top dollar you expect parts to be half right.
  12. I have got a 1941 g3l,i have the rear rack with lugs for the pannier frames but even with spacers the frames bind on the rear brake rod etc,does anyone have some mounting brackets or pictures showing how the pannier frames were mounted,especially the lower brackets thanks
  13. my 1941 g3l has been running ok,i have cleaned oil filter replaced oil with morris 50w and she has been on a couple of runs with no problems. she has sat in the garage for a couple of weeks and last night started her and depleted some of the ozone layer with the plumes of white smoke out of exhaust and oil trickling from exhaust to cylinder head flange as well as very thin oil coming out of primary cover. after running the bike for a few minutes and pissing off the neihgbours as the smoke just stayed the same i put her back in the garage,this morning i checked the fuel tap as i thought it mig
  14. i am replacing the black sludge in my matchless 3gl with some morris's 50w ,i have drained oil tank and cleaned oil tank filter and drained any oil left in crankcase,any suggestions on priming the oil pump,i am concerned that there may be air in the feed /return lines , or do i simply fill tank and run engine thanks
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