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  1. Seemed to have found the issues but no idea how it was working before the Cup Seal is not in the master cylinder as shown in diagram as E. anyone know where i can get one from its 1 1/16.


    It is a Wanger Cylinder so dose anyone know who sells rebuild kits for them or just has the seal





  2. Hi Guys


    Can anyone help and tell me what units and where the brits used weasels please, i have found one picture with it marked up in brit markings but cant tell what unit or where.



  3. Hi guys


    Having an issue with my M8 clutch I have changed a pipe that was weeping but now can't get it bled up. It was working before a drained the system but put new fluid in DOT 4 and can't get anything on the pedal at all tried bleeding it old fashioned way and with a pressure bleeder but still nothing anyone have any ideas ??

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