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  1. Hi Guys



    What an event was absolutely amazing, well done to jack and all the team for putting on a once in a life time event. hello to everyone i met and hope everyone got home ok. Thanks to Keith, steve and john for there hospitality Dave for cooking and Mike and Chris for the ride of my life. Dispatch riders you were great, Everyone was great still cant get over how amazing is was


    Did anyone get any footage of the Hellcat overtaking everyone on the dual carriageway that was awesome i was just hanging on

  2. Oh yes. One of our other Area members bought himself a very nice Christmas present. Dinger also has one, but it is in bits. I have never seen it.


    Tim (too)


    Was that HT he has just bought from Hartlepool by any chance ?

  3. Dose anyone know where i can get some 24V rear jeep lights from as no one seems to have any. I have tried Tony Sudds and Jeepparts etc.


    If i cant get any will have to take the units to bits and replace the bulbs i guess.


    Cheers Tony

  4. Have they got rubber tracks and are they easy to get hold of ?


    Original they had steel tracks banded like a HT, NOS tracks do no exist for weasels so you have a couple of options.


    Convert to rubber tracks as we done which means changing front rear sprockets and boogies, these are from Jeep parts NL.




    There is a company in the states called caroltech they have reproduced an kind of replica of an original track design to run on the standard running gear.



  5. Know what you mean i have always wanted an M5 stuart but now they are way out of my price range. One cam up for sale yesterday £162,000 who can spend that kind of cash.


    Even thought of selling my house and living in a caravan!!!


    For prices like that there has to be lots of people with lots of cash, and then of course people see it as an investment, but is it at those kind of prices who can afford one.

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