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  1. Hi All, I am restoring a 1971 Douglas Turbo Taskmaster Aircraft Tug/Tractor that was new to the RAF, I have looked on the internet for working time pictures of one but so far have only found one and that is in black and white from the NA3T website. Mine was green when i acquired it with RAF markings on the front wheel arches but when starting restoration it appears to have been yellow underneath which would appear to be golden yellow. Would anyone have any colour pictures of a working tug or know what colour the wheels and winch etc would be on a yellow tug? Thanks Matt
  2. Good haul of original parts there! I like it when vehicles are restored back to as original as possible. I've got a Douglas tug that I'm restoring and i've been trying to buy original light fittings etc. Even though it's only a tug it was so original when I got it that I want to put it back to how it was when new.
  3. I used Smith and allan when I bought some Tractol enamel paint for my aircraft tractor, they mixed it to Golden yellow BS381c 356, Seems to go on well by brush, covers well and no brush marks.
  4. I did think about 12.00-20 tyres as it has one on it already but it's very tight in the arch and quite hard to get on and off. Also i may have to put bigger tyres on the front to compensate for the extra height at the back. I have noticed they are easier to get though. I might see how much these 11.00R20 tyres go for on ebay and see if they will work if not i'l look out for some 11.00-20 tyres.
  5. Ahh ok so a 11.00R20 tyre will more than likely lower the top speed a little? The wheels are for the back axle of an aircraft tug, they will be on the rear axle which is driven so propshafts etc isn't a problem, the front tyres are 6.50x16 I think.
  6. Ahh thanks, its only for the rear axle so if I got 2 Radials then I should be ok, they are the same ply rating as in the handbook. I had a feeling they couldnt be mixed but wasn't sure if Radials could be used on a split rim or not. Thanks Matt
  7. Yeah they are mismatched at the moment. I want to get some 11.00-20 tyres. The ones I have found are 11.00R20 though will these be the same as 11.00-20? If not what is the difference? The wheels are split rim type. Thanks Matt
  8. Hi all, I have a douglas Taskmaster tug which I need to get some tyres for, It says in the handbook that it should have 11.00-20 tyres on it, it currently has a 10.00-20 and a 12.00-20 tyre. Question is would a 11.00R20 tyre fit? as there are a pair of those on Ebay at the moment. I've looked into new 11.00-20 tyres and they are nearly £300 each! Thanks Matt
  9. Bit more progress over the last few months! Now have working brakes on the back but the front cylinders are stuck so they will need work.
  10. Yes according to the manual it weighs 4 3/4tonnes yeah all original. The RAF stores number is 16A/2977 tractor wheeled aircraft with winch. It's a Boughton winch, the tractor is based on a davidbrown 990 skid, so the engine gearbox and rear axles are all davidbrown 990 it is a turbo Taskmaster so has a torque converter to help smoother movements. Douglas used the davidbrown skid and added bits to it. I've not seen many others, there are a few but not sure if many with the winch are still about. I'l keep the thread updated with pictures as I progress!
  11. Hi all, Been browsing the forum for a while and have decided to do a blog on my Douglas Turbo Taskmaster Aircraft Tractor. I have owned it 17 years but only really just started restoration on it properly, when I got it I wrote to the RAF museum and they kindly sent me a copy of it's record card so I know it was delivered the RAF at CVD Ashchurch 2/2/71 on contract WV7319, and worked between Abingdon and kemble until it was sold at British car auctions in 1984. I bought it at auction in 1999 and was told that it had been rescued from a beach were it was used to pull in fishing boats usi
  12. Douglas don't seem to hold much info on older vehicles, I think what they have is limited, I own a Douglas turbo taskmaster tractor and I contacted them for info on it, They couldn't help by serial number but i sent pictures and they sent me the correct manuals which were very useful but I think it was luck more than judgement. They couldn't help with drawings etc as apparently older records had been destroyed years ago. certainly looks 50's-60's. The sentinel/douglas tug were 50's they had rolls royce engines and darlington winches but were much bigger than the one you have. Mine is
  13. Hi all,I own a douglas turbo taskmaster aircraft tractor with a Boughton winch on it, I am trying to make a Towing pintle for it as I can't find one for sale that would fit it. I have attached a picture of the Pintle in question hopefully! Does anyone know the dimensions of these towing pintles or have one or know of any for sale? Also has anyone used these tractors in service? I'm also looking for information on how the throttle cable is attached on these tractors as mine is missing.RegardsMatt towing pintle.pdf
  14. Hi there Roadster,I also have one of these but mine has a 10 ton Boughton winch on the back of it. I have found out quite a bit about the braking parts on these tractors as my brake system has needed a total rebuild. It is based on ford commercial parts which I have found to be Ford ET6 (thames). I also have an ex RAF manual for this vehicle i could possibly copy for you if you like? Would it be possible for you to send me a copy of the lubrication chart you got from Douglas please? I contacted them a few years ago but they wern't interested in the older vehicles then, I may have to try again.
  15. Hi everyone,My name is Matt and have just joined the forum, found the forum whilst searching for info on google and have found it very informative and interesting. I own an ex RAF Douglas Turbo Taskmaster aircraft tractor with Boughton winch.RegardsMatt
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