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  1. And now what does the backside look like ??? Remember the scene takes place in 1975... :-D Richard
  2. Just what I was about to say ! :-) Thanks for the kind words ! Regards, Richard
  3. Hi Gentlemen, Here I come with a little update : Best regards, Richard
  4. Hey ! Here is my current project on the bench. It is a 1/35 Land Rover, but you'll see how uncommon my personnal approach of the Landy is... I want to depict a (Kataeb Christian Phalanx) Lebanese Technical in the streets of Beirut in 1975. I only had the Tamiya Rover 7 Ambulance kit to start with :cool2: Yes, this old one. Not suitable ? You sure ? Nevermind ! Surgery on the way !!! White parts are homemade parts... Here's where I am at the moment ! I'll keep you updated as the buil
  5. Thank you ! Yep Andy ! I'm in the middle of a Land Rover conversion :-) Can you point out or tell me which is the best subforum to post a progress of this conversion ? Where will the modeling topics suit better ? That's teasing ! TIA Regards, Richard
  6. Hi, I have seen so many beautiful pics in the Leyland Martian gallery section. I especially feel impressed by the cargo / arty tractor version that sports a 'double sized' cabin. It looks really agressive and powerful ! But the question is, I can find no information related to it, meaning, can you tell me : When was it produced ? How many were produced ? When did it serve ? Where did it serve ? Went to combat theaters ? if yes Where ? Thank you in advance for all the info you may bring. And being a newbie to the site, I am sorry if the answers I am looking for alr
  7. Hello gentlemen ! I am 37, I am french, living in France (35 miles south east Paris), and am especially interested in military stuff. I have a long time passion : building model kits and have recently got attracted in modeling by trucks. So it's logical for me to get on board at HMVF. Speak to you on the forum ! Best regards, Richard
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