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  1. Information needed please about painting markings on a motorbike, and I assume any vehicle. In particular how is the WD serial number applied to the petrol tank? Is it painted on by a skilled signwritter? It does not seem to be stencilled on. Any info on application of Regimental markings would also be appreciated. Is this so obvious that everone knows how to do it - therefore this information does not appear in the magazines? Thanks, Graham
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    Ashley You are someone with the same thoughts as me. I have built and altered bikes for some time despite the people who want only 'original' fittings. Bikes are to be used and modified to suit the riders needs. Cheers, Graham
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    Rich Thanks for the information. I have to admit that my bike is a bit of a mongrel, a collection of parts from a variety of dates - forks 1930s, frame 1950s, tin ware 1940s. I will let Jan Vandevelde have the info - it may be helpful. I like your point about the oil tank but I suppose this could also apply to other contemporary bikes. Great picture - doesn't he look young? The bike is 'well used'. This all started because my father was a DR for the Wiltshire Regiment, was in the BEF and in 1943 was killed riding back to base near Devizes. My perhaps too romantic idea was to dress my bike in similar markings. Thanks again for the info I need to give this plan more thought. Cheers, Graham
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    Hi Sorry I have been away. Thank you all for your help _ I will read all this carefully. Re the comment about the date of my bike being wrong for the BEF - I take your point. Perhaps sentiment has got in the way of originallity. It was the markings on my late father's bike I was trying to reproduce - perhaps I should think again. Anyway as of 9th July it has passed its MoT so will be on the road a lot this year. Thanks again for your help. Graham
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    Can anyone please explain to me the logic behind the markings on WW2 motorbikes. I have rebuilt a Royal Enfield WDCO and would like to put the correct markings on it for a rider in the BEF preferably Wiltshire Regiment DR. Also anyone have similar info on markings for Home Guard motorcycles. Cheers
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