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  1. Hi Paul, A friend contacted me and told me you were trying to contact me about some lights? I dont get on the forum very frequently so It takes a while for me to get back to people! Lars
  2. Hi to all! Thought I had better get round to finally joining! Ive been doing this military 'thing' for about twenty five years now and I work 'in the industry', as it were. My own specialist fields are gmc's and halftracks, (particularly the ones with quad mounts on board :-)!) although I am very involved with tanks and many other heavy vehicles. Anyway, thats basically me, am looking forward to making contact with some good people here from what ive read!
  3. Looking for workshop and storage in East Kent. Needed for halftrack and several GMC's, part must be undercover and secure for tools and spares, some can be outside for unrestored vehicles.
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