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  1. Thanks for the information, Neil. I'll have to see if it pops up on the circuit this year. Does anyone know if Kenneth Jackson is a member of this forum? I could do with some info. Andy
  2. Yorkie

    Form V112G

    Thanks, Neil, that's the detail that I tried to summarise in my earlier post. I think the next time I'm invited to sit in the back of a Traffic car I might raise the issue with the experts. It's not that I doubt your friend's word, but my local constabulary are the one's who'll see me out and about. :lol: As for the plating issue, surely Schedule 2 Item 14 might similarly apply, in that the reason we drive HMV is as a vehicle used to 'educate', by 'displaying' to the public? I don't want to carry goods and chattels (unless the missus wants me to return her to her native land), and as a driver of a large vehicle, I am well aware of our obligations regarding the servicability standards expected. I'm not sure that the VOSA inspectors want me jamming up an already overworked and understaffed system any more than necessary. Andy. A Yorkshireman, and thus unwilling to hand over my cash to the Government unnecessarily.
  3. Nice to see you here, Jimmy. I'm not that far North of you - maybe one day there'll be enough of us in Scotland to have a revolution. Andy
  4. Yorkie

    Form V112G

    Fair enough Richard, but it would be nice if the pre-1960 construction rule was a more sensible rolling requirement. Andy
  5. Yorkie

    Form V112G

    It has to be registered as a "mobile project vehicle" you can't just call it that... Thank you. I shall have to remember that at the appropriate moment.
  6. Yorkie

    Form V112G

    Interesting. Found a similar meter at http://www.bowmonk.com/brakemeter.htm that behaves just like the 'g' meter in the Chipmunk I flogged around in. Might have to look into acquiring one for when it comes time to set-up the brakes To return to the V112G topic, I’ve been looking at various DVLA documents, and it would appear that if my post-1960 truck, exceeding 3500kgs mass, not towing a trailer, being a ‘mobile project vehicle’ carrying ‘articles required for the purposes of display’ could be declared exempt from MOT testing on Form V112G (schedule 2 of the Goods Vehicle (Plating and Testing) Regs 1988, item 14) ‘adapted for, and used primarily for……carrying equipment permanently fixed,…used for…educational, display use, not involving...sale’, and as a bonus, since I got my B license before 1997, I may also be exempt from the requirement to renew my C1+E ticket, under similarly worded advice on DVLA doc INF52. At least that’s how it looks to me. As to how VOSA and our esteemed colleagues in blue might see it……….?
  7. From dim and distant memory, my instructor at Leconfield explained that if the vertical centreline of the two wheels on the same hub is 18" or less, then they are considered to be one wheel. As to why, no idea. Perhaps an industry professional might explain?
  8. Sorry, Rus, but never based at either Gatow or Gutersloh. Spent most of my time in Detmold. I now sit on a large, floating drilling rig, watching about two dozen alarm systems, keeping it the right way up, and surfing.
  9. Well, I'm not sure if it qualifies: it's an MV, and it's got wheels, but.....
  10. Sadly, I'm not sure of the dude's identity. He was a buddy of the photographer, my brother, and the photograph was taken in the Shankhill Road area of Belfast in '84. I've got a photo of me with my last set of military wheels, if anyone's interested?
  11. Thanks. But be prepared for some bone questions. :lol: Andy.
  12. Sorry, posted a couple of quesions before introducing myself. Here goes anyway. Lets see... ex Army Air Corps, left nearly 10 years ago, started as Driver/Sig Groundcrewman, on SIII FFR, RL, MK aircraft refueller (now why don't we see many of them on the circuit?), progressed onto APCRA Saracen (briefly) and then Sultan, Class II HGV on a knocker (interesting), then went into the flying side. Now working offshore, with time to spare, and hoping to acquire a Commer 3-ton GS, for restoration. So far, this forum has provided me with a whole range of useful information, and I'd like to express my thanks to all who've assisted. Much more to come, I'm sure. And now a piccy for all you Pig fans;
  13. The RA version, though we didn't get out in them much. We tended to be light, using FFR Series III as CP, a couple of G10 RLs, SS11 missile trucks and 3 or 4 MK bowsers. As for the ride, I always managed to get a seat with a view. Sitting on that fuel tank wasn't my idea of riding into battle in style. Check your PM, mate.
  14. We had the CP version of the Saracen, before moving on to Sultans. Never aqua-planed a Sarrie, though I did once or twice achieve this feat in the panzer, through traffic lights on one occasion. Alien - thee and me probably did time in the same garrison town in BAOR. Rhymes with wet mould? Might even have some mutual acquaintences?
  15. Thomas bins did it for me! Did you ever use the smoke grenade launchers, and the stowage rack on the roof for anything other than smoke pots? About the same size but containing something far more refreshing? :lol:
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