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  1. Well, maybe not. But 70+ years ago, this is how it would have looked. Every year in October, for a Friday, Saturday and Sunday, the picturesque market village of Pickering in North Yorkshire goes back to the last century for a 1940's weekend. Amost everyone in the village gets dressed up in 1940's clothes and WWII jeeps and trucks (no mutts allowed) arrive to wake up the sleepy centre. Everyone has a fun time and even young people (yes, EVERYONE looks young to me) join in with the fashion of the '40s. The antique clothing vendors do a roaring trade, and so do the innumerable tearooms a
  2. Tony, not from this year's show. But here's two you might like:- Ken
  3. Hello gang, here's the first batch of photos I took at this year's War and Peace show at Folkestone. We were only there for a half-day but plenty of vehicles, equipment and re-enactments. Enjoy...... Ken
  4. Ian, there are several potential causes of your problem. The two that spring to mind are:- 1. Fuel draining back into the tank, leaving the fuel line and carb dry. 2. Batteries too low to turn over the engine fast enough to "catch"..... low batteries will use most of the remaining power to crank the engine, leaving insufficient power to provide a spark at the plugs. It could be low batteries or it could be poor earth connections...look especially at the battery cable -to-battery-compartment connection. The cable bolts to the inner wall of the battery box and it MUST have a bright, clean con
  5. Hello folks, I have a couple of fuel pumps (obscure ones) and the diaphragms are kaput. There used to be a couple of people who would take the old diaphragm and replace the faulty neoprene with a new piece. Anyone know of any pump rebuilders who can do this, please? (The diaphragms are not standard parts like MB/GPW diaphragms). Any help, advice or pointers much appreciated. Thanks Ken
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