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  1. I thought as long as it had tracks it was OK
  2. I have asked about this and was told it has to have a registration plate, insurance, and tax if applicable because you could go on the road. I know some people have stated they never went on a road but you can't guarantee that.
  3. Yeah that's when your in a catch 22 and wouldn't have a problem paying any administration costs like that but alot of farmers don't want to risk their machines which I can understand to a point. Always keeping my eyes open and never know something may come up.
  4. Yeah worth a try thanks. To be honest I would just like the equipment and I could teach myself I know what they do on the test and what is expected. I spoke with a ex trainer few years back and said if your paying anymore then couple hundred pounds doing cat H and G tests your getting ripped off. He put a load of people through using plant machinery which was road legal but stopped doing it and did try and persuade him to help but nothing as doing other stuff now.
  5. Yeah I don't think it's a hard test but if you take it seriously and prepare right. You never know what sort of examiner you going to get one that is experienced in tracked vehicles and ones not lol.
  6. Yeah I know I was a bit confused about that. I hold lorry and bus and H test doesn't compare with them at all.
  7. Yeah have tried this route with plant companys but is finding equipment that is road legal. I can rent equipment but none of it road legal and they won't help you to make it legal not interested but haven't given up just yet.
  8. That's them and yes only 1 day course and that use to be 660 pound. When phoned up about it and asked if they would do it for 500 as private didn't want to know and then said they had stopped doing it for now but still advertising it. Then few months later the price nearly doubled. I don't mind paying 500 odd to do it but not in the thousands just a rip off. The cat G will be more of a challenge as not alot places that do it. Essex steam museum used to do it for 580 pound on a diesel but when I contacted them this year they had stopped doing it a while back.
  9. Fair point will make some phone calls to see if any could help. Thanks
  10. I'm sure museums don't train or let you use equipment to train to valuable. That would be great at tanksalot with tractor crawler but I can't justify 1200 plus VAT. Another place in Ipswich area has cat h training vehicle ex military vehicle and price not to bad compared to most but then doubled it to what tanksalot charge. I tried to haggle but they were not interested at all and found them not very nice to deal with.
  11. Most probably have been hit with changes so understand the frustration. I want to do it for arigculture side of things not tank use.
  12. Yeah about right. My class 1 cost me 1100 pound but a few years backs now and I already had the my cpc through acquired rights.
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