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  1. This one came online just a few minutes back. Maybe an option for you.
  2. I would be interested as well. I have used a flat grinded grill in the past. Not ideal but does the job.
  3. There is a take-off one on ebay UK for sale btw. The seller always has interesting stuff for sale but asks way too much imo. https://www.ebay.nl/itm/303718813031
  4. For me it is a part of the hobby to study, prepare and executing such a rebuild job. I guess most go wrong by not having the right tools ea micro/depth meter besides the knowledge on how to measure with that plate for measuring the pinion depth. Or the simple trick to use your old bearings for shimming the axles sides.
  5. Jeezz, that is not just a bit off, that has gone terribly wrong in all aspects.. looks like: ‘push it in and close the cover’ -level?
  6. Nice! I got myself a British 1945 one. I like them better than the US model.
  7. If the prices keep rising... you are a millionaire soon. Do you have more pics?
  8. Firestones are around 180 euro in the Netherlands. Not a steal either. 🤭 Deestone seem to be very good and reasonably priced, around 85 each.
  9. Jeep police won’t be pleased with the raised profile I guess? (Not mentioning the incorrect brand 🥴🙈) universal Jeep supplies gets new stock of goodyear tyres by December.. 229gbp each. 🤭
  10. Hi there! Been busy with work and we are moving by the end of November. So start of the project will be for Christmas holidays meanwhile sourced good original F marked stuff like the Bumperettes, rear seat and some smaller things like axle covers. and an original jerrycan carrier, correct tire pump, grease gun, correct genny pulley, Even got the original Sparton found!!👏💪👌 started on straightening out the rear seat and putting the pump brackets on. for the rest it is youtube and reading reading reading! Indeed g503 offers a wealth of info as well does facebook. still after an original F marked spare wheel carrier+ foot support and a GPW top bow (difficult!)🥴 How are you progressing? I do read your topic, should react more often. Apologies ☺️.
  11. I use a acetylene torch, never used the shrinking disc. Worth a try I guess? Let us know what you think after first time use. 👍
  12. That is what Steviem said as well right? Prefer our ww2 stuff. for me no tupperware car either
  13. Got a nice mail from Tom Wolboldt! From Ford Dallas plant records. GPW 268872 was prepped on May 16, '45 by being crated for shipping. The assigned registration number was USA 20734628.
  14. Lifting wise, I have the possibility to clamp pulleys to beams against the roof. I plan to build a front and back attachment frame so I can hoist the frame and pivot the tub so I can access it from all sides. I can pull it upwards for 'storage' against the roof.
  15. Gathering stuff so mailing around for original body parts. Scored some NOS rebuild kits and prepping a shopping list for the obvious stuff like bearings and seals. I hate to miss parts when I start a certain rebuild job so want everything on the shelf before I start. But things like gears etc I will get after inspection/requirement of course. Seems that an original GPW top bow and a Sparton R2-14 are quite rare these days. Do you work with original parts of repro mostly?
  16. Make sure you have these butt welding clamps ready. Will make life much easier. Trick is to prevent excessive heat.
  17. That is nice Stevie! I found a place where I can do it myself on an hourly rate. Disadvantage is that it's a one our drive but probably efficient planning would limit the wasted hours for traveling. Meanwhile I found a rear seat as well so we are getting there! last big thing is the top bow next to 'smaller' items like the bumperettes, spare wheel carrier, hook pintle, etc.
  18. Always useful! No need for spending lots on money on this kind of stuff imo.
  19. Anybody aware of any shop selling these books? They are out of stock wherever I look. If anybody has them on the shelf and willing to sell, would be a hero! JP
  20. About the indicators.. a standard repro cable harness seems not to provide for these. Do you pull 2 extra cables for it? Or do you use the convoy light cables for this? (Sorry, did not study the electrical system as yet.)
  21. Other question, do you guys have a sandblast cabinet in your workshop/garage? I Consider buying one.. That one thing I am still missing for smaller parts.
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