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  1. yes, that was Damon 2, i was the driver. not good for the heart driving between those steam engines
  2. The short replica yes, it was in wonder woman and transformers 3
  3. Next year we are going back again with damon
  4. this was in 2019 in Dorset with our Damon Tank on the left, a crazy dream of my is to have meeting with all replica's but i know, the others are in NZ.
  5. Hi, Im Stijn Butaye, i live in belguim and i have build an mkiv tank with friends on my farm. This was quit a suprise to find to this Forum, because i did not know about the perfect lady tank!! Is this one also from Peter Jackson? Does he has 3 replica mk iv tanks then? Im making a list with al the replicas on my website Can i use some pics from perfect lady for my website please? Is there any video of it to? Thank you for the help! stijn
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