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  1. That's interesting I didn't know they made a 3 ton single speed. Mine has the slower speed smaller drum on the opposing side of the machine to the main drum. I wouldn't know if it was Mk1 or MK2 but I'll check the machine plates. I think the army used to ship them out with tank transporters, that kind of thing? Just checked. Nothing to say Mk1 or Mk2, just swl 5 tons tested to 7.5t and the year 1954. A mere youngster then.
  2. Hi, that's the Monkey winch. The Wallaby winch is more compact but will do the same thing. As I said earlier mine has a plate on it stating that it has been tested to 7.5t and from memory they were usually stated as having a 5t pull. Interestingly someone in a India seems to be making a copy; https://www.indiamart.com/proddetail/monkey-winch-7916937062.html The advert is informative insofar as it shows you what it looks like but also points out the major design advantage of the Wallaby winch over the Monkey winch with regard to the brake mechanism. People who have nearly had their he
  3. I've no idea if I'm honest. Monkey winches seem to go on Ebay fairly regularly for about £200. The Wallaby is far better and far rarer. Tirfor 32's go for £2/300 and upwards. £300 I guess. I can stick it on a pallet to most places for about £60 if people can't collect. I'm in Cheshire.
  4. Thanks for your reply. Yes, a very good winch indeed, beautifully engineered. I believe that Trewhella themselves described the winch in their literature as being their most advanced. Hopefully someone will see this as you say, I'll give it a few days before putting it on Ebay etc.
  5. Hi - I'm not all sure if this will be seen at all however I have a Trewhella Wallaby Winch sitting in my garage which I just don't use enough to justify keeping. I got it years ago when I was clearing some trees from my back garden. It has a plate on it that states it is tested to 7.5t. I was certainly stronger than even the large 3.5t tirfor. It is in good condition the odd kink in the wire rope but very sound mechanically. I'm minded just to put it on Ebay but like the idea of selling it to an enthusiast, hence this post.
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