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  1. Wow, this is great. Thanks for the info, especially the diagram of the bogie wheel assembly, this clears a lot of mud. I am very interested in section 13, Tracks, sprockets, suspension. Thanks again for this very helpful information and your efforts Regards
  2. Hi Thank for coming back, I am currently at the suspension and tired wheels. Any image that shows detail or dimensions are welcome Thanks
  3. Hi £300 is a bit steep for me, with our exchange rate I have to multiply by 21 making this deal very expensive. Are there a change that you will sell me some copies that you can mail to me, even if it is photos. This will make it much cheaper for me. I only want the diagrams and not the writing
  4. Hi Thanks for this information, please quote to sell these service manuals Thanks
  5. Hello John Thank, this will help a lot. Imperial sizes not a problem Regards
  6. Hi John I am the scaling of the Tyred wheel assemblies and need more info on specifically the suspension assembly
  7. Hi Anyone that can help with documentation, manuals, for the Valentine tank, or that can point me in the right direction of where material can be obtained Thanks
  8. Hi Andrew What documentation did you use during the restoration of the Valentine and where can I get hold of this documentation Regards
  9. Hi Pictures are excellent. I am busy building a 1:6 model of the Valentine and need hobbles of information. Are there a manual available that you use to rebuild this project and how do I obtain one. Thanks Joahn Victor
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