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  1. Dear sir how can i request this from a verification officer with the problems of covid thank you colin
  2. Hi all my jeep is now back in the UK but i need someone to verify the date of manufacturer I do have a photo of the chassis number my problem it is not on the log book? FRENCH can you help thank you colin
  3. Hi all just an up date my jeep is now back in the uk , but now i must get it m o t ed and a registration number how to start , it is on French plates , what do i do now help thank you all colin
  4. Hi I have not seen a twin wheel jeep and that radio. is a radio ?all the best colin
  5. Hi all just my jeep and some of my Radios
  6. Thank you for the welcome , my jeep I still in France trying to get over to pick it up thank you colin
  7. Hi all just back in the uk after 16 years in France, Now in Market Rasen, My jeep is still in France ,, it is a 1944 GPW,, Looking for a House all the best colin just a up date now in Billingborough Sleaford ,, just moved ,
  8. Hi all I am new to this site ,, can you help , I have a ww2 GPW, In France I need to Import it in to the uk what do I have to do thank you colin
  9. Hi I have 4 bc 1000 Radios , you can get a power supply from e bay £80,, all the best colin
  10. Hi you can get English transfers from the US,, all the best colin
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