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  1. Sorry for seeing this reply weeks later. Not sure why you think owning one of these would be so hard. Its a TGL/TGM underneath the green paint. So whilst the military contract is supported by Rhienmettall you could pay MAN commercial to look at it. Remember its not a Bedford 4t so like nearly all modern (last 10-15 yrs or so) it needs some sort of diagnostic to do anything in-depth. Usually we would not see a vehicle like this released this "early" but they have too many and they are not getting used as much. Ours has fault codes which we just ignore as we know what they mean, usually down to
  2. Hi, i would of commented sooner but have not been on the forum for ages.. Ill get this out first, i was on the SV Project Team many moons ago and did a lot of trials on them and even starred in a small film with Tiff Neddell when they were first released. Since leaving the Army the company i am now with used to make one of the variants so we know a fair bit about the trucks anyway. 1. MAN cannot shut down the truck...officially. The module which "did" this on the truck is TBM which was known as "Talk Back to Munich". It was a monitoring setup that was on and still was as far as i know whe
  3. I have messaged you but the truck as released by Brightwells or wherever you get it is road legal in terms of side gaurd etc. There was no need for any exemption on base SV trucks.
  4. Hello, been on this site before but login forgotten so new one. We have just bought a MAN SV 6t from the MOD. Have the FORM D-DISC-O Date into Service cert which replaces the old FORM 654. Am i assuming the V55/5 is to be filled out to register this on the road? It goes on about Certificate of Conformity which i assume the manufacturer, in this case MAN, can supply? I have contacted them but i have got the usual "your enquiry is registered and will be answered......bla bla". With paperwork sorted, would it then need a MOT test/check prior to registration? Thanks in ad
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